Hey, buddies! We’re back with a host of new Scoutmaster Season updates, including the release of both the Final Animations Patch and Scoutmaster Season: The Journal! Please be sure and read the full post below, as it contains information for fans of all BLits Products and Camp Buddy!

Scoutmaster Season: The Journal Released!

After our announcement last month of Scoutmaster Season: The Journal, we’re happy to announce that the wait is over and a digital version is available for purchase on our website right now! You can purchase this brand-new artbook, which contains both PDF and PNG image formats, for $19.99 at the link provided below.

Scoutmaster Season: The Journal

With 210 pages of exclusive content, Scoutmaster Season: The Journal is packed full of beautifully rendered illustrations, character profiles and designs, storyboards, walkthroughs, and more! Please check out the table of contents below:

That’s quite a lot of content to begin with, but we have more to show! We’ll be previewing each of the individual sections, so check them out below.

Journal Entry 1 – Official Art Gallery:

Just like for Camp Buddy, the first section contains all major promotional images for Scoutmaster Season, including a brand new, amazing cover illustration of all the main characters! Check it out below:

Journal Entry 2 – Concept & Characters:

If you thought you knew everything about the Scoutmasters, think again! There’s lots of developer trivia, new concept art and more packed into this section for both the main and side characters!

Journal Entry 3 – Story Event Illustrations:

Since the stories are so essential to the game, each route has a dedicated section with compiled art, trivia, and sketches of each scene so you can dive even deeper into their backgrounds and how we created the game!

Not only does this section contain all the story elements, but it also contains the juicy details about each character’s sexual preferences, including a guide for the foreplay minigame for each character as well! There’s also glorious full spread pages of each sex scene, so you can enjoy all the sequences at once! Check out a sample below:

Journal Entry 4 – Development & Multimedia:

This section dives into the nitty-gritty of Scoutmaster Season, including showing a full roadmap of our development timeline, a photo minigame guide, as well as interface design process, staff and cast interviews, and even the sheet music for our main theme, Buddy Oath!

Section 5 – Fanworks:

As promised during our 2022 Fanart Contest, the winners have been included in our newly released Journal and can be viewed in this section, alongside several guest artists that you might recognize! You can check out all their entries inside the artbook!

Section 6 – Game Walkthrough:

Lastly, just like in Camp Buddy: The Journal, we’ve included a detailed walkthrough of the game, along with point values, sexual role choices, and sidequests to make getting that perfect ending even easier!

As you can see, there’s lots to learn and checkout from the previews alone, so be sure and get your copy now!

Scoutmaster Season: Final Animation Patch Released!

Following on the heels of Scoutmaster Season: The Journal, we’re also releasing the Final Animations Patch for Camp Buddy: Scoutmaster Season on both Steam and our website! This final update contains various bugfixes, as well as animations for the following scenes:

  • Aiden Route: Crack Scene, Apron Sex Scene
  • Goro Route: Crack Scene, Goro’s Fap

*Please note that the Aiden and Goro Past Sex Scenes are not available on the Steam Version.

With these four animations, we’re happy to announce that all sex scenes in Camp Buddy: Scoutmaster Season have been fully animated on both PC and Mac versions! If you’ve purchased a PC or Mac copy of Scoutmaster Season on our website, you will receive a download link for the new update shortly. If you own a Steam copy, your game should update automatically!

That’s all for this patch, but you can checkout the full patch notes at the link below:


P.S: Scoutmaster Season Android Version will not be updated to include v1.5, as it does not contain animated sequences. Thank you for understanding!

Scoutmaster Season: Collector’s Edition Bundles!

Finally, we’re happy to announce that with the release of Scoutmaster Season: The Journal, we’re going to be adding a Scoutmaster Season: Collector’s Edition Bundle to our store, which contains the following:

  • Camp Buddy: Scoutmaster Season Digital Copy (PC, Mac or Android)
  • Camp Buddy: Scoutmaster Season OST Digital Copy
  • Scoutmaster Season: The Journal Digital Copy

You can purchase this bundle now at the link below, for a discounted price of $54.99 USD for PC/MAC Version and $49.99 USD for Android!

Scoutmaster Season Collector’s Edition

Closing Word

That’s all for now buddies, but we hope you enjoy the brand-new artbook, as well as this final animations patch! We’d also like to inform everyone to stay tuned for a Jock Studio Development Update releasing tomorrow evening – this update will contain previews, news about the Kickstarter and more, so you don’t want to miss it!

Thank you again for your support as always, buddies, and we’ll see you again soon!

~Lots of love,

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