Scoutmaster Season Patch Notes

V1.1 Patch Notes

Patch Release Date: May 6th, 2022

New Features:

  • Added 3 new scene images to the game
  • Added secret crack scenes to the game
  • Added new costumes for Lloyd, Darius and Emilia
  • Added Foreplay Minigame Replay feature to Secret Room
  • Added Blog Minigame Replay feature to Secret Room
  • Added Crack Scene Viewer in Secret Room
  • Locked costumes for specific characters and scenes based on which route they appear in in the dressing room.
  • Increased the cost of gallery items from 2 coins to 5 coins for sex scene images.
  • Added a skip minigame option for the Journal Minigame
  • Added ‘Buddy Oath’ and ‘Buddy Oath (Full Version)’ to Music Player

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed character profile inconsistencies for Keitaro, Hiro, Hunter, Natsumi and Taiga
  • Added a delay to the Journal Minigame after clicking multiple times to avoid locking the game
  • Disabled Auto-play before entering either the journal or foreplay minigame.
  • Updated the tutorial page of the foreplay minigame
  • Added missing audio lines and corrected incorrect audio files
  • Updated ‘Brand New Day’ and ‘On the Edge (Exotic)’ for errors
  • Fixed minor artwork errors with CG Scenes
  • Fixed various minor bugs


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