BLits is an independent Gay/Yaoi/Boys‘ Love (BL) development team that made its pre-debut in October 2016 by artists Mikkoukun and Zael. Eventually, they co-founded the team with the lead manager and programmer, Jey, in 2017. The team embarked on their first project, a visual novel called “Camp Buddy.

Through crowdfunding and fan support, Camp Buddy‘s development persevered, and it was released as BLits‘ debut project in 2018 after two years of hard work. The game received overwhelmingly positive feedback, leading to the formation of a tight-knit community of fans. Continuing their commitment, the team went on to develop a full-DLC for Camp Buddy released in 2019, followed with the prequel-sequel titled “Scoutmaster Season,” which was released in 2022.

With Mikkoukun, Zael and Jey, who have over a decade of experience in the BL industry, leading the vision, the group has expanded to include an international team of artists, talents, and developers spread throughout the world. Their aim is to continue creating passionate and heartfelt content in the Gay/BL genre.

BLits was founded with the intention of creating content for the Yaoi/Boys‘ Love (BL) genre. While this genre can be highly impactful for its fans, its themes often lack significant meaning.

The team aims to popularize the genre and empower its community with heartfelt, worthwhile, and memorable content, all without forgetting to have fun.

BLits is committed to prioritizing the quality of its content over profit and financial gain.

Most importantly, BLits eagerly anticipates what the future holds for them and remains steadfast in their vision, allowing their passion to guide them.

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