BLits is an independent Yaoi/Boy’s Love development team founded in October 2016 by artists Mikkoukun and Zael, eventually co-founded with the programmer, Jey. Once founded, the team set out to create its first project, a visual novel, “Camp Buddy”.

The team launched “Camp Buddy” on the membership platform Patreon, with the hope of reaching its initial funding goal through crowdfunding. This goal was quickly surpassed and the game was expanded to include additional playable routes, minigames, voice acting, and animated scenes.

With the initial funding and fan support, the development process began. After two years of hard work, the game was finally released to the public. Once released, the game received overwhelmingly positive feedback and a tight-knit community of fans was formed. The company now focuses on perfecting Camp Buddy as well as expanding it with additional DLC. After Camp Buddy, BLits hopes to continue making more passionate, heartfelt content in the Yaoi genre.

BLits was founded with the intention to create works for the Yaoi and Boy’s love genre. While this genre can be extremely impactful for its fans, its content often lacks significant meaning.

BLits aims to popularize this genre and to empower its community.

BLits seeks to grow by always putting its content over profit and financial gain.

BLits is looking forward to see what the future holds for them, and they seek to stand by this mission statement and let their passion guide them.

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