Fellow Olympians, we’re back with another Jock Studio Development Update, featuring our latest Development Diary containing new previews, teasers, and more! Please read the following post for full details, as it contains information for all fans of Jock Studio!

Development Diary 6 – Oracle Phone, New Character Reveal, Sprite Costumes, and Background Art!

We’re starting this update straight off with our sixth development diary, with detailed reports on what the team has been up to since our last update in early February!

Part 1 – The Oracle

First up, we have a preview for a very special device – the Oracle! Once enrolled at Olympus U, every student receives one of these handy phones, complete with free cellular & internet service, a contact list, apps, and more to assist with their education and curriculum! Check out a 3D render of the device, made by Micman, below:

Pretty awesome, right? But how does it work in-game? When playing Jock Studio, your Oracle Smartphone is always right at your side, easily accessible to check your game settings, save or load a file, and much more!

As you can see above, there’s quite a lot of apps inside the phone! Each one of these can be clicked on and accessed for various different features. All of this may seem overwhelming, but don’t worry, you’ll have an assistant on hand to help you with everything you need! Introducing…

Part 2 – New Character Reveal

…your own personal Interactive Oracle Assistant, or IO for short! IO comes built into every Oracle, and assists Ace (and every student) when they need help learning how a feature of the phone, or any other tutorial in the game, works! You’ll be spending a great deal of time chatting with him, so check out his full character sheet, designed by Mikkoukun and Zael, below:

There’s lots more to learn about IO and the Oracle, but that’s all for now! Stay tuned for more updates about the apps, as well as sprite artwork for IO in a later development update!

Part 3 – Writing

Next up, we wanted to give everyone a quick update about the writing process – we’re happy to announce that, as of this month, the concept and detailed storyboarding for Jock Studio has begun! We’re beginning the process of creating the story of the game, and expect to have many more details about it soon, so please stay tuned!

Part 4 – New Sprite Costumes

On top of writing and the Oracle Phone, our artists, Mikkoukun & Zael, has been hard at work designing new sprite costumes! Ace may have already debuted with his sleep attire during the first demo, but the other Jocks are ready to show off their cuddle wear! Check out the full roundup of sleep attire for the main cast below:

These cute and cuddly concepts will be turned into full sprite costumes soon, so stay tuned for the completed artwork at a later date! That isn’t the only sprite costumes we’re going to be showing, this update though!

Part 5 – Superbacker Costumes

Last update, we showcased our Superbacker Character designs for the Varsity, Bachelor and Olympian Tiers. Now, we’re happy to show off the final Superbacker reward concepts, Character Costumes for the Club Manager Tiers! Check them all out below:

These costume concepts came from each of our backers, and were designed by Mikkoukun! Each of the seven will have full sprite artwork on the Jocks, and you can look forward to them being featured in game too! We hope you, and our backers, are satisfied with the results!

Part 6 – Background Art & Applications Update

Finally, to close off the update, we wanted to let everyone know that we’ve closed our Background Artist and Animation Studio applications! Thank you to everyone who applied! We are happy to report that, as of now, we’ve hired a new background artist to assist our background departments – Kyun! Check out his first officially completed background art below, alongside another newly completed background art by Monacodingo:

Some of you may remember seeing the 3D Renders of the above backgrounds made by Micman in our last update – we’re happy to show off the completed versions above, made by our Background Artists!

Closing Word

That’s all for this Jock Studio Development Update, but we hope that everyone enjoyed these exciting previews! We wanted to let everyone know that, due to some scheduled team absences, our next development update will be in Late April 2024, so please stay tuned!

Until next time, if you haven’t yet, please check out our update last week, containing a new patch for Camp Buddy: Scoutmaster Season!


Thank you as always for your support, Olympians! We’ll see you in April!

Lots of love,

~BLits Games

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