Hey, buddies! We’re back with exciting news – over the Holidays last year, we announced a collaboration between BLits Games and Lovense, an adult toy manufacturer. We’re happy to announce that, as of this post, the Scoutmaster Season x Lovense Update, Patch 1.6, has been released! Please read the full post below for details!

Scoutmaster Season Patch 1.6 – What’s New

First up, all owners of Camp Buddy: Scoutmaster Season will receive a free update today, containing Patch 1.6! This patch contains Lovense compatibility and a full connection menu, which can be accessed from inside the game’s menu and adds a whole new level of depth to sex scenes throughout the game! You can see our handy connection guide below for how to integrate your devices into your game:

For those without a Lovense device, it’s not the only new feature! We’ve also added a brand-new Sex Scene Replay Gallery in the Secret Tent – use your badges and purchase any sex scene you’ve experienced throughout the story. After that, you can relive the sex scenes with dialogue, music, voice acting and even Lovense compatibility from start to finish! Check it out below:

That’s all that’s new in this patch, buddies, but we hope that everyone enjoys these new features! In order to receive this new update, please check below for details depending on your version of the game:

  • Steam Version: Your game will automatically update to include Patch 1.6.
  • Website Version (PC or Mac): You will receive a download link in your purchase email for the latest patch. Please be sure to delete the previous version of the game from your computer, as well as your save and persistent data to avoid any bugs and errors!
  • New Purchases (PC or Mac): Your game will be downloaded at version 1.6 automatically.

Please Note – At this time, the Android version will not include Patch 1.6. Thank you for your understanding!

Check out the full patch notes at the link below:


Lovense x BLits Games Page

Next up, we’re pleased to announce that we have created a handy hub on our website for all BLits Games x Lovense links, guides and more! This page will preview all the features available in Scoutmaster Season with Lovense devices, as well as offer handy links such as the connection guides and purchase pages for new Lovense toys! Check it out at the link below:


Lovense Discount Sale!

Finally, to go alongside Patch 1.6’s release, we’re also offering a discount for all Lovense products, so if you haven’t picked up yours yet, now is the perfect time! From now, February 23rd 2024 until Monday, March 18th 2024, you can get your very own Lovense product for 55% off at the link below – get them while you can!

Closing Word

That’s all for now, buddies, but we hope that everyone enjoys this exciting collaboration, as well as the new updates to Camp Buddy: Scoutmaster Season! We will be carefully monitoring the reception to this new collaboration, and if everyone is interested enough, we will consider applying Lovense connectivity to both the original Camp Buddy and Jock Studio, so if you love these features, please do let us know in the comments!

Speaking of Jock Studio, we know everyone is eager for our next Development Diary, and we’re happy to announce that it will be posted next week on Friday, March 1st! Please stay tuned!

Thanks as always for your love and support, buddies!

Lots of love,

~BLits Games


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