Fellow Olympians, we’re back with our last Jock Studio Development Update of the year, featuring new previews, development updates and more! Please read the following post for full details, as it contains information for all fans of Jock Studio!

Physical Reward Previews – Keychains, ID Cards, Post Cards & Merch Round Up

Just like we promised on our last development update, we’re back with more physical merch previews, starting off with the finished character keychains!

Carry a cute chibi of the Jock of your choice around with you everywhere you go! These adorable acrylic keychains adorned with their house symbols and cool effects can be added to your pledge on PledgeManager now!

Next up, we have finalized previews for the character ID cards!

These Character ID Cards can make you feel like you’re a member of Olympus University yourself! Not only that, but each one has character information for each of the Jocks, letting you know even more details about them and their college lives! Pick up an ID Card, along with a lanyard to hang it on, on PledgeManager today!

Finally, we have a preview for the exclusive Post Cards ready for viewing too!

Included as a bonus in the Junior Tier and above, the Post Card features a physical print of our exclusive Jock Studio promotional art, as well as a message from our team to you, thanking you for your generous support!

That’s all for our physical merch previews, but we have exciting news – you can now view all previously shown merchandise, including all variants, in an easy to see format on our website! We’ve received lots of requests for a compilation of merch to make choosing your options on PledgeManager easier, and you can now do so at the link below:


All Jock Studio Merchandise will be viewable at the link above from now on and will be updated as merchandise designs are completed. We also plan to add visuals to PledgeManager soon, so please stay tuned for that as well!

Additionally, if you haven’t pledged yet and want to grab a copy of Jock Studio or any of these items, you can sign up now on PledgeManager at the link below:

PledgeManager will be available for new and existing backers for a limited time only, but once it’s closed these items will no longer be available for purchase! Make sure and take advantage of them while you can, Olympians!

Development Diary 4 – Sprite Arm Poses, Background Art, New Interfaces & Opening Theme Vocals!

Next up, we’re going straight into our fourth development diary, with detailed reports on what the team has been up to over the past month!

Part 1 – Sprite Arm Poses & Side Character Sprites!

Last month, we previewed new sprite poses unlocked as a stretch goal on Kickstarter for our main characters, and now, we’re happy to show off even more sprite features as part of that goal – additional arm movements for existing character poses!

These new arm movements make the cast even more dynamic, allowing their poses to express an even wider variety of emotion, adding more depth to both light-hearted and emotional moments!

Arm movements aren’t all that’s been done too – we’re also happy to show off a clearer shot of Ace and the Jocks including two new poses for our side characters, Matt and Jacques! Check out the full compilation below:

All of these sprite poses and arm movements are only the beginning, and we’ll show off more sprite work, including costumes, side characters, superbacker cameos and more in later development updates!

Part 2 – Background Art

Next up, just like in our last development update, we’re happy to show off even more 3D renders made by Micman and Zemyx of two more locations around the Campus – the mess hall and club houses!

Looking to grab a bite to eat? Or maybe it’s a Friday and it’s time to party? Either way, these locations will be perfect for traveling to and exploring, and may even provide Ace with new opportunities for character interactions throughout the story!

You can look forward to even more location previews throughout our development, in both the 3D render state and completed states!

Part 3 – New Interfaces & UI Design

Next, we showed off the Campus Map Gameplay Preview in our last development diary, and we’re happy to show it off again, but with its completed interface! Check it out below:

There’s lots to see and unpack here, so we’ll itemize it all down below!

  • Energy, Hunger and Money – On the top left, you can see your three resource stats, and determine how much Ace can do in the day!
  • Date and Time – On the top right, you’ll see the current time, as well as the date, helping you remember when planned activities will happen!
  • New & Improved Quick Menu – On the bottom right, the new and improved quick menu can give you all the information you need – check out your current affection with the Jocks, your studio funds, and even your performance stats, as well as access the settings menus!
  • The Map Itself – Finally, the map itself is much like we previously previewed but with even more details. Under certain circumstances, view where the Jocks are at certain times of day, and hover over a location to let you know where it is, ensuring you never get lost!

That’s a whole lot of information – but don’t worry! There will always be a handy tutorial available on the bottom left of the screen, making an easy reference for any questions you might have throughout gameplay!

Finally, some of you may have noticed that the character stat icons appear different from what they did in our previous development update – our graphic artist, Peach has ironed out their designs, making them fit more into the aesthetic of Jock Studio. Check them out below:

These stats still function the same as in our previous update, and if you want to learn more about them, you can read it below!


Part 4 – Opening Theme Vocals

Last, to close out our development update, we have one final exciting preview – a snippet of our opening theme, with vocals! Check it out below:


Composed by Goomin Nam and with vocals and lyrics by Keno, the Jock Studio Opening theme is guaranteed to get stuck in your head, and you can look forward to hearing the full version in the future, alongside the opening video!

Closing Word

That’s all for this development update, and this will be the last Jock Studio development update of the year! We’d like to once again express how thankful we are to everyone for their support of our brand-new project, and our team is still in shock at how much love you have all shown for it during the Kickstarter campaign and beyond! From the bottom of our hearts, thank you so much!

We are so excited to continue working on Jock Studio in the new year, and we can’t wait to show you all more development previews and updates! We’re still working our hardest to ensure that Jock Studio will be the best BL Game – we won’t let you down!

That’s all for now, and we wanted to let everyone know that the next Jock Studio Update will be at the end of January / early February, so please stay tuned till then! In the meantime, we will have one more update next week, featuring some news about Camp Buddy: Scoutmaster Season and other Winter News!

Thank you as always for your support, Olympians, and we’ll see you soon!

Lots of love,

~BLits Games


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