Olympians, as promised last week, we’re back with a Development Progress Report for Jock Studio, featuring new previews, development updates, and more! Please read the following post for full details, as it contains information for all fans of Jock Studio!

Physical Reward Preview – Character Standees

Continuing from our last update, we’re happy to show off even more physical reward previews for our backers, just in time for the launch of PledgeManager – you can choose to add any of these items to your existing pledge as addons, or start a new pledge today! For this update, we have the finalized designs of the Character Standees ready to show!

Represent the Jock of your choice with a character standee designed by Magia and Peach, featuring the character’s sprite artwork as well as an item representative of their sport, and a cool effect! These four acrylic pieces will all punch out of a Jock Studio-themed standee kit for you to assemble, seen below!

We’ll be previewing even more of the physical merchandise on our next update, and we’ll have a full compilation of all our merchandise available to view on our website soon, so please stay tuned! In the meantime, don’t forget to sign up for PledgeManager!

You can add these items, as well as many more, to your pledge on PledgeManager today! Speaking of PledgeManager, if you missed it, our team began rolling out PledgeManager to all backers on October 18th, and it should have been received by everyone by October 27th! Check out the post below to get started if you haven’t yet:


Additionally, if you haven’t pledged yet and want to grab a copy of Jock Studio or any of these items, you can sign up now on PledgeManager at the link below:


PledgeManager will be available for new and existing backers for the next few weeks, but once its closed these items will no longer be available for purchase! Make sure and take advantage of them while you can, Olympians!

Development Diary 3 – Sprite Poses, Background Art, and New Interfaces!

Next, we’re going to dive into our third Development Diary, with detailed reports on what the team has been up to over the past month, beyond physical merchandise!

Part 1 – New Sprite Poses!

Unlocked as one of the stretch goals during the Kickstarter Campaign, for the first time in a BLits title, Jock Studio will feature a third pose for all pursuable characters! Checkout a preview below:

The art team has been working hard to compose these new poses, and each was designed to fit the character’s personality, while also providing an additional emotional spectrum!

With all three of these poses, each of the pursuable jocks now has three different emotional state poses – positive, neutral, and negative. This will allow them to be more dynamic than ever in sprite scenes, making them feel even more alive!

Part 2 – Background Art

We showed the Campus Map preview in our previous Development Diary, but those locations won’t only be shown from a zoomed-out perspective! Zael, Zemyx and Micman have been working hard to conceptualize and model some of the new backgrounds in game, seen below:

These amazing 3D renders are already bringing Olympus University to life, showing off the various locations around campus that Ace and the Jocks will interact in! And 3D Modeling is just the first step – once it’s complete, the backgrounds are passed over to Monacodingo, who brings them to life in the style of Jock Studio:

You can look forward to seeing all of these beautiful backgrounds in game, alongside many more to come!

Part 3 – Interactive Campus Map Continued!

Next up, as mentioned above, we showed the Campus Map preview in our previous Development Diary, as well as previewed some of the new character statistics, but we didn’t mention how they’d be working together!

During the last month, Peach has been working to design the Campus Map Interface, while Micman has been working to implement a testable version into Unity! You can even see a sample gif of how the system will work below:

Take control of Ace and explore the campus – you never know who you might find and interact with! But be careful not to use up all your resources – stamina and time will play a key role in how much movement around the map you can do at one time! This interface gif is our first gameplay preview, and we’ll have plenty more to show in the coming months, so please stay tuned!

Part 4 – Superbackers

Finally, to round off the update, we wanted to let everyone know that we’ve also been in contact with all of our Superbackers, who are already in the process of designing their cameos, side characters and character costumes! We’ll update everyone on this process more in the future, so please stay tuned!

Closing Word

That’s all for our Jock Studio development update, but we hope that everyone enjoyed all of this new information! We’ll keep working hard to get even more done, and as always, you can expect another update at the end of November / early December with even more progress and previews!

In the meantime, if you missed it, we’re hosting both a sale and art contest for the next month celebrating BLits and Camp Buddy’s 5th Anniversary – check out all the details below:


Finally, you can expect a special update on November 11th about Camp Buddy, so please stay tuned!

Thank you as always for your support, Olympians, and we’ll see you next time!

Lots of love,

~BLits Games


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