Olympians, it’s been almost a month since the Jock Studio Kickstarter Campaign, and we’re back to give everyone a progress update on what the team’s been up to since the campaign ended – you can expect updates like this at least once a month, alongside development previews and other information! The following update contains information for all fans of Jock Studio and BLits games, so please read it carefully!

Development Diary 1 – Project Organization & Merch Design

To start the update off, we’re going to be doing part one of an ongoing series for Jock Studio – a development diary. In this development diary, we’ll tell you what the team has been up to, what we’ve achieved, and what we hope to accomplish next! These will always be included in our monthly updates, so you can look forward to staying up to date with our development process!

Part 1 – Organization

Ever since the campaign ended, our team has been focused around organizing the team and the various new tasks that we have to complete. Jock Studio is going to be a complex game, with much more in depth mechanics than either of our previous titles, and as such, we’ve started working to identify each of these mechanics and flesh them out beyond their base concepts. Once these mechanics are fully fleshed out, our programming team will begin test implementations, and we can’t wait to show you previews of what that will look like!

Part 2 – Optimization

Additionally, speaking of our programming team, Zemyx and Sticmac have been hard at work on the architecture of our demo (and the foundation of our core game) inside of Unity. We know that several of our fans had issues with the demo performance-wise, and our very first goal was to work on optimization for all platforms, making the game easier to run and with less issues.

Once this optimization is complete, we plan to release an updated demo buildplease note that this demo build will not contain new or additional content, but will be further optimized and should run smoother on all devices! You can look forward to this update coming before the end of the month, which we’ll announce on Kickstarter and Twitter!

Part 3 – Music

After programming, we’ve also had our musical team get started on some of the new soundtracks that will be a part of Jock Studio! Mikkoukun and Zael have worked to conceptualize some of the new themes that will appear in game, and we plan to have our composers get started on them next week! You can expect musical previews in a later development update to show off some of these new amazing tracks!

Part 4 – Merch Design

Lastly, our team wants to make sure that all of our backers receive the highest quality of merchandise, and as such, we’ve had our art team designing many more of the items that were available as addons during the campaign!

For now, we’re excited to show off the sketches of the front sides of our character body pillow sets! Zael and Mikkoukun have been working hard to carefully select poses fitting for each character, so check them out above! The backsides will be designed soon as well, and you can expect to see a preview of them in a future update!

PS – If you are eligible for a physical body pillow as part of your Kickstarter Pledge, we will be sending you the digital image sets of your chosen body pillow as a FREE GIFT once the art has been completed, otherwise these image sets will be launched and available on Mikkoukun’s Patreon!

That’s all for this development diary, but we’ll give everyone another detailed update next month! In the meantime, there’s a few other things we want to talk about!

Pledgemanager – Backer Addons Coming Soon!

We know many of our supporters have been wondering when they’d be receiving an update regarding their campaign addons, and we wanted to let everyone know that we are currently in the process of setting this up with Pledgemanager, a backer support company!

Once this setup is complete, Kickstarter backers will receive an email allowing them to login to Pledgemanager, and make their selections of addons, as well as update their shipping information if needed! Additionally, for those who are eligible for a digital copy of the BLits Library, you will be able to make your selection and receive the product then!

We expect this program to launch within the next few weeks, so please stay tuned for an email from Pledgemanager, as well as a post from us on Kickstarter, as soon as it becomes available!

New Jock Studio Website!

We’re also excited to announce that we’ve redesigned our Jock Studio webpage! Caz and Peach have been hard at work adding all of the new information from Kickstarter, and you can now view all of the unlocked information, as well as general game information, here on our website! Check it out at the link below:

Jock Studio

Fan Popularity Poll

Finally, we have a little bit of news related to all BLits products and not just Jock Studio! We’ve been reached out to by several potential merch partners (which we will announce more about later!) since the Jock Studio Kickstarter Campaign, and are working to potentially provide some new and exciting merch to everyone!

As part of these initiatives, we’re going to be hosting a popularity poll featuring the main characters of Camp Buddy, Scoutmaster Season and Jock Studio! You can join the poll at the link below, and answer three short questions to let us know who your favorite character is!


The poll will run from today until next Friday (9/15/2023) so be sure and answer it before then, Olympians! Thank you for your contributions!

Closing Note

That’s all for now, Olympians, but we’ll be back with another development update by next month! If you haven’t yet, please also check out our ongoing sale, and take advantage of your last chance to buy the Camp Buddy Physical Edition! You can see the full sale details below:


Finally, next month is our BLits Anniversary, so please stay tuned for exciting events and details about it coming soon!

Lots of love,

~BLits Games

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