Hey, buddies! We’re back with more news – we just had a website makeover! As we’re sure you’ve seen, our homepage has now been totally reworked to focus on all BLits products! Not only that, but the Camp Buddy store page has also been updated to contain all information and details previously included on the homepage!

You can check out the new BLits homepage below:


And you can see the new Camp Buddy page at the link below:


We’re also happy to announce that the tagging system on the website has been updated, and you should be able to more accurately sort through news related to specific games, products that share a category and more!

We hope that you all enjoy this website update, and we’ll also be updating the Scoutmaster Season and Jock Studio pages in the near future, after the Kickstarter launch!

Jock Studio Survey Results

Speaking of the Kickstarter, as we mentioned in our recent update, we’re still working on the demo, and currently awaiting Kickstarter approval! You can see the update below if you haven’t checked it out yet:


We also hosted a survey with the update, and we were overwhelmed by the number of responses! Since the survey launched, we received over 3000 total results and have been eagerly analyzing the data inside. If you took the time to fill it out, thank you so much for your input and we hope you enjoyed the discount code at the end too!

We won’t share all the results of the survey, but we thought it’d be fun to at least show everyone how the new characters in Jock Studio fit into the popularity poll – check out the results in the graph below!

New Body Pillow Design – On Sale Now!

Lastly, we’re happy to announce that we’re launching a new body pillow design for pre-order – a BLits Original Character that cameoed in Scoutmaster Season, Justin! Justin’s body pillow cover comes in three designs, Standard, Undies, and Naked (Uncensored & Erect), and you can order him now at the link below!

Justin’s body pillow is also included in our current discount, so please take advantage of 10% off while you can with the code ‘SUMMER69’ at checkout!


That’s all for now buddies, but we’ll be back with more information regarding the Kickstarter and Demo release soon! In the meantime, please take advantage of the currently ongoing sale, running from now until June 30th for 10% off any product in our webstore! Just use the code “SUMMER69” at checkout!

We hope everyone enjoys the new webpage, and we’ll be back soon with more news! Thank you for your support as always, buddies!

~Lots of love,

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