Hey, buddies! We’re back with exciting news – Scoutmaster Season Patch 1.3 has released on both our website and Steam! If you have purchased a website copy of the game, please check your email for a download link of the new version, while if you own a Steam copy, your game should automatically update before playing again! Please see the full post below for a summary of changes!

What’s New in Patch 1.3

Patch 1.3 brings in ten (10) more animated sex scenes, five from Goro’s route and five from Aiden’s route for everyone to enjoy! This update includes the following sex scene animations, playable in game and unlockable in the gallery:

  • Aiden Route: Shower Foreplay, Morning Sex (Top & Bottom), Apron Sex (Top & Bottom)
  • Goro Route: Shower Foreplay, Morning Sex (Dominant & Submissive), Office Sex (Top & Bottom)

Check out a preview of the awesome new animations below, made by Zemyx and Monacodingo!

In addition to the new animated scenes, we’ve also added two new scenes to the game’s crack gallery – although these scenes do not appear in game, you have to meet some specific circumstances in order to unlock them for some spicy bonus scenes!

If these scenes look familiar, they debuted on Mikkoukun’s Patreon originally earlier this year!

Finally, for our Steam players, we’ve included a playable demo of the game on our Steam page, as well as community items, including Trading Cards, Backgrounds, Emojis and Badges! These new collectibles will be available sometime next week, so rack up your playtime to earn them, buddies!

That’s all for this patch, although you can checkout the full patch notes at the link below:


Coming Soon – Blits Anniversary Month:

As many of you know, BLits was founded in October of 2016, and every year we show off exciting new products and other news during that month! This year will be no different, with new physical merch coming to our store, and a very special announcement we teased in our last update coming soon! Stay tuned for more information next month…

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