Camp Buddy Collector’s Edition

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Purchase a digital download of the visual novel, Camp Buddy as well as the Camp Buddy Journal and Original Soundtrack for a discounted price. Please ensure you select the correct game format before you purchase the product. Purchase and download handled by our payment provider, BMT Micro.

Camp Buddy is a Boys Love / Yaoi Visual Novel that features the adventures of Keitaro Nagame in the summer scout-themed camp called ‘Camp Buddy’.

At Camp Buddy, Keitaro along with his childhood friend, meets his fellow campers, each of them having distinct personalities and stories to be told.

Keitaro has also yet to discover the dividedness among the campers that threatens to close the camp down. It’s up to Keitaro to unite the campers once again and make Camp Buddy a great place to be for everyone.

Help Keitaro with his decisions and create a special bond with your chosen partner. Take the chance and make the greatest memories!

The bundle also includes a copy of Camp Buddy: The Journal, an artbook detailing the production of the game with developer insights as well as a route guide and a digital copy of the Camp Buddy: Original Soundtrack, with 42 original tracks!

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Camp Buddy Description

Multiple Character Routes

Multiple Character Routes With multiple character routes and endings, you are in charge of the story! And all the choices you make in the game will affect how Keitaro's adventure will unfold!

75+ Hours of Gameplay

Each character route has an average of 15 full hours of gameplay! And that's only for achieving one kind of ending! Unlock all endings to get the most out of the game!

300+ Illustrated Artworks

Get engaged with over 150 unlockable CG Sets in the gallery for your own viewing pleasure! And that's not to mention the more than 150 portrait images and background art!

Original Soundtrack and Voice Acting

The game features 30 original compositions and fully-voiced cutscenes by various talented actors who help the player feel more connected to the characters and the story!

50+ Animated Sex Scenes

Enjoy more than 50 hand-picked animated sex scenes throughout the game. See your favorite characters come to life in these intimate moments!

Journal-Writing Minigame

Help Keitaro recall important events to fill-up his journal! You can earn badges that you can use to unlock exciting content in the gallery!

Foreplay Minigame

Help Keitaro and his partner heat things up before getting to the real deal! Time to get in the sexy mood~

Find the Secret Room!

Finish the game once and unlock a secret room that lets you dress up the characters, view bonus images, unlock crack-pairings and listen to in-game music! (Hint: Knock Twice!)

The Journal Description

Full-Spread, High Resolution Promotional Images

The Journal features several full-spread, high resolution promotional images, including a brand new cover art featuring all the characters in the game!

Detailed Character Highlights

Each of the characters gets a detailed character highlight, featuring a biography, basic information, initial design sketches and commentary, and trivia!

Full Story Guides

All of the art from the different routes of Camp Buddy has been organized into sections full of developer commentary and storyboarding insights!

Character Sexual Information

Each of the main characters is given a sexual trivia page, including foreplay minigame points, fetishes, and even penis sizes!

Developer Interviews

See commentary from the development team, and learn about their favorite parts of the development of the game!

Camp Buddy Walkthrough

Ever wanted to get that perfect ending? The guidebook has fully detailed points for each character route, in an easy to read format!

And Much More...!

Camp Buddy OST Description

Fourty-two mp3 files featuring the original soundtrack from the game 'Camp Buddy.'


1 - Greatest Memories
2 - Camping Time!
3 - Adventure
4 - Outdoors
5 - Warm Touch
6 - Time to get some rest
7 - Opposites Attract
8 - Seagaze
9 - Fireside
10 - Fireside (Fast)
11 - Spring Bunny
12 - Spring Bunny (Slow)
13 - Summer Beetle
14 - Summer Beetle (Slow)
15 - Autumn Raccoon
16 - Autumn Raccoon (Slow)
17 - Winter Wolf
18 - Winter Wolf (Slow)
19 - Red Tiger
20 - Red Tiger (Fast)
21 - Red Tiger (Slow)
22 - Old Friend
23 - Old Friend (Slow)
24 - Beachside (Day)
25 - Beachside (Night)
26 - Coastal Groove
27 - Exploration
28 - Foolish Trio
29 - Where am I?
30 - Sweet Sorrow
31 - Sweet Sorrow (Piano)
32 - Greatest Memories (Full)
33 - Greatest Memories (Instrumental)
34 - Greatest Memories (Casual)
35 - Greatest Memories (Gallery)
36 - Greatest Memories (MYM Remix)
37 - Greatest Memories (Electric Guitar)
38 - Greatest Memories (Piano)
39 - Greatest Memories (Sad)
40 - Greatest Memories (Music Box)
41 - Greatest Memories (Violin)
42 - Sleeping Time

Tracks composed by HMNK and MYM, vocals performed by Techniken/Keno.


This product contains mp3 files ONLY. It is not the actual game or a physical product. All audio is owned and copyrighted by BLits Games.

Additional information

Game Format

Digital download

Supported Platforms

PC, Mac, Android

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Windows/Linux Requirements

Windows XP and up or Linux x86/x86_64, 6.5gb of available hard drive space, at least 1gb of RAM

MacOS Requirements

Mac OS X 10.6 and up, 6.5gb of available hard drive space, at least 1gb of RAM

Android Requirements

Android 2.3 and up, 2gb of available hard drive space


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