Camp Buddy Patch Notes

V2.3 Patch Notes

Patch Release Date: October 6th, 2021

New Features:

  • Spanish Translation integrated into the game.
  • Portuguese Translation integrated into the game.
  • Language select screen added to game start as well as ‘Text’ menu.

Updates / Bug Fixes:

  • Various grammatical fixes
  • Credits updated to reflect translators
  • Error with Natsumi’s underwear sex scene in the gallery corrected

V2.2 Patch Notes

Patch Release Date: June 19th, 2020

New Features:

  • Taiga Route Massage Sex, Perfect Sex, Costume Sex Animations added.
  • Added idle orgasm animations to all animated sex scenes in order to portray the scenes better.
  • Autoplay feature has been added.
  • Voice line playback feature has been added.
  • Taiga Route sidequest ending voiced scenes added.
  • Skip Tutorial button has been added to the Foreplay Minigame.
  • Added heart icon to indicate whose turn it is in the Foreplay Minigame.
  • Added naked sprites for Eduard, Lee and Naoto to the Dressing Room.
  • Added Dungeon Boss to Music Player.
  • Mute audio feature has been added.

Updates / Bug Fixes:

  • Over 7,000 Sprite Poses, Facial & Voice Cues, positions, transitions and more have been remastered for all routes to portray the scenes better.
  • Animations have been remastered in 1080p and run smoother.
  • Save/Load Screen lag has been resolved.
  • Skip button in Foreplay Minigame now works. (Please be warned: Skipping the minigame will skip the following sex scene)
  • Audio Volume and Quality has been balanced in all routes.
  • Grammar fixes have been applied to all routes, as well as in other interfaces.
  • Taiga’s Shower Scene Images now properly appear in
  • Hiro’s & Yoichi’s beach foreplay animated scenes now properly appear in Gallery.
  • Yoichi’s Costume sprite has been updated.
  • Updated various Scene Images to include Hiro’s hairpin, Yoichi’s scars, and Keitaro’s bandages.
  • Updated Chat Log box.
  • Properly aligned quick menu buttons.
  • Control (CTRL) button no longer causes skipping.
  • Updated Mini Image backdrop to fit the screen properly.
  • Updated various Mini Images.
  • Yoshinori Sidequest Mini Image from Taiga’s route is now included in Mini Gallery.
  • Some Mini Images that cannot be unlocked from gameplay are removed from Mini Gallery.
  • Renamed various Scene Images and Mini Images.
  • Removed soundtrack duplicates in Music Player.
  • Kieran’s Character Profile has been updated.
  • Few characters’ dialogues have been re-executed in certain routes.
  • General UI improvements.
  • Knox’s cameo has replaced Rayne on Hunter’s route.
  • Developer mode has been disabled.

V2.1 Patch Notes

Patch Release Date: December 6, 2019

Updates / Bug Fixes:

  • Yoichi Perfect Ending Bug has been resolved
  • Taiga’s Cave Sex (Bottom) Scene Image now properly appears in Gallery.
  • Goro’s Apron Sprite bug now fixed in Dressing Room
  • Taiga’s Beach Sex (Top) multiple arm issue in animation has been resolved.
  • Seto’s Naked Sprite has been fixed.
  • Art error on Hunter’s Sick Scene Image has been fixed.
  • Taiga’s Ending Scene Image is now properly sized in Gallery.
  • Taiga’s Hairstyle in Final Campfire Scene Image has been corrected.
  • Nighttime banner display fixed on Taiga Route
  • Additional Hiro Route dialogue for Post-Crack Scene has been fixed.
  • Yuri’s Character Profile has been updated.
  • Taiga’s Chibi Head has been updated in Save/Load Screen and Character Profiles
  • Various Facial Cue Errors have been fixed.
  • Character name banner mislabeling resolved.
  • Minor Grammar Issues resolved
  • Added Greatest Memories (Full Version) to Music Player

V2.0 Patch Notes

Patch Release Date: November 22, 2019

New Features:

  • Taiga Secret Romance Route has been added to the game.
  • Taiga’s character design has been updated.
  • Save Slots has been increased to 96
  • Added 12 New Animated Scenes in the 4 Main Routes.
  • Foreplay Minigame on all routes is now animated.
  • Animated Scene toggle has been added to the Display Settings.
  • Fundraising Scene Art has been added to all routes
  • Animated Scenes have been added to the Main Gallery.
  • Opening Video Player has been added to Secret Gallery
  • Fanart Gallery has been added to Secret Gallery
  • Poster Gallery has been added to Secret Gallery
  • Added new soundtracks to Music Player
  • Added new costumes & characters to Sprite Gallery
  • Added new Ending Credits video.
  • Added Bad Ending Scene Art on all routes.
  • New Cameo Characters: Yuuto, Haruki, Chiaki, Noah, and Fanart Contest winners have been added.

Updates / Bug Fixes:

  • All animations have been disabled for Android Version for maximum optimization.
  • Fixed Keitaro animated scene bug in Yoichi Route
  • Fixed consistency issues with Taiga’s character design in all Sprites and Scene Arts in the game.
  • Fixed consistency issues with character’s number patches across all arts in game.
  • Taiga’s voice actor role has been recast to Ezra Payne
  • Sprite Voices & Full Voiced Scenes volumes have been normalized
  • Missing Voice Cues has been fixed.
  • Various Gallery Scenes that were broken are now unlockable
  • Implemented additional sound effects for all routes
  • Fixed various duplicate lines & incorrect text such as typographical and grammatical errors
  • Updated Chibi heads in Chat Log & Galleries
  • Cameo character: Knox will now only be exclusive in Camp Buddy v1.0, v1.1 and v1.2. (Creative rights/ownership of the character have been given to his original designer)
  • General UI improvements
  • Updated Bad and Worst endings of all routes

v1.2 Patch Notes

Patch Release Date: March 21, 2019

New Features:

  • Android Version Released!
  • Added 4 New Costume Party SX Animations
  • Save/Load slots increased to 20!
  • Save/Load Slots can now be renamed and deleted!
  •  Added Character Profile in Settings
  • Journal Minigame now skippable
  •  Added “Greatest Memories” to music player
  •  Added Patron’s Choice Rewards to Hidden Crack Gallery
  •  Added hover effects to gallery

Updates / Bug Fixes :

  • Added missing assets to swimsuit contest (Natsumi Route)
  • Last set in Keitaro gallery is now unlockable
  • Added Background for Hiro’s Bathroom
  • Fixed clothing issue in Taiga Resolution Scene
  • Added various accessories to characters in appropriate situations (Keitaro’s Camera, Seto’s Headphones)
  • Various interface fixes/improvements (settings, gallery, music player)
  • Updated a few simple art mistakes
  • Fixed Camp Buddy Icon on Android, PC & Mac Builds
  • Fixed issue with cut off in Foreplay Minigame
  • Fixed minor gallery issues with text and images displaying improperly
  • Implemented a new form of animation for better quality but lower file size
  • Improved timing of fade transitions
  • Added sound effect to all interface buttons
  • Various bug fixes and grammar corrections

v1.1 Patch Notes

Patch Release Date: November 17, 2018

Updates / Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved Perfect Ending Bugs on Hiro, Yoichi, Hunter & Natsumi Route
  • Voiced Scene Audio Adjusted for all characters
  • Yoichi & Hiro SX 5 Added to the Gallery
  • Gallery will no longer display Scene Image names until they’re seen in game.
  • Nature Day Scenes will no longer repeat themselves.
  • Animations partially replaced with webm files instead of tga, to reduce file size.
  • Minor bug fixes

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