Camp Buddy Patch Notes

v1.2 Patch Notes

Patch Release Date: March 21, 2019

New Features:

  • Android Version Released!
  • Added 4 New Costume Party SX Animations
  • Save/Load slots increased to 20!
  • Save/Load Slots can now be renamed and deleted!
  •  Added Character Profile in Settings
  • Journal Minigame now skippable
  •  Added “Greatest Memories” to music player
  •  Added Patron’s Choice Rewards to Hidden Crack Gallery
  •  Added hover effects to gallery

Updates / Bug Fixes :

  • Added missing assets to swimsuit contest (Natsumi Route)
  • Last set in Keitaro gallery is now unlockable
  • Added Background for Hiro’s Bathroom
  • Fixed clothing issue in Taiga Resolution Scene
  • Added various accessories to characters in appropriate situations (Keitaro’s Camera, Seto’s Headphones)
  • Various interface fixes/improvements (settings, gallery, music player)
  • Updated a few simple art mistakes
  • Fixed Camp Buddy Icon on Android, PC & Mac Builds
  • Fixed issue with cut off in Foreplay Minigame
  • Fixed minor gallery issues with text and images displaying improperly
  • Implemented a new form of animation for better quality but lower file size
  • Improved timing of fade transitions
  • Added sound effect to all interface buttons
  • Various bug fixes and grammar corrections

v1.1 Patch Notes

Patch Release Date: November 17, 2018

Updates / Bug Fixes:

  • Resolved Perfect Ending Bugs on Hiro, Yoichi, Hunter & Natsumi Route
  • Voiced Scene Audio Adjusted for all characters
  • Yoichi & Hiro SX 5 Added to the Gallery
  • Gallery will no longer display CG names until they’re seen in game.
  • Nature Day Scenes will no longer repeat themselves.
  • Animations partially replaced with webm files instead of tga, to reduce file size.
  • Minor bug fixes

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