Hey, buddies! We’re back at the start of the BLits Anniversary month with an exciting teaser for you all – the new project we’ve been hinting at will be titled ‘Jock Studio’ – check out the game’s logo below:

P.S. – Please note that the designs in the teasers are not final and subject to change prior to full release.

There’s a lot to unpack in the title and logo, can you all guess what the game might be about from the various themes and motifs present? And that’s not all we have to show, no game would be complete without a protagonist after all, so we’re ready to show off a design sketch of our new main character!

P.S. – Please note that the designs in the teasers are not final and subject to change prior to full release.

Meet Ace Anderson, the playable character in Jock Studio whose story is just about to unfold! We can’t wait to tell you more about him in the full reveal later this month! Additionally, Ace is just the first of our teasers, as we’ll have character reveals on our BLits Games Twitter account every Wednesday and Friday this month! If you don’t have a Twitter account, don’t worry, we’ll also be updating this post with the character teasers as each is posted. Finally, at the end of the month we’ll have a full project reveal with lots to show, so please stay tuned!

The second of our character reveals features a familiar face with a fresh redesign – meet Yuuto Nakajima, one of the pursuable routes in Jock Studio! We’ll have more information about him and his story later, but for now enjoy all of his new outfits and appearances!

Thirdly, huddle up and meet Derek Kingsfield, another pursuable route for you to tackle in Jock Studio! I wonder if he prefers a tight end, or a wide receiver? We hope you enjoy this reveal and stay tuned for more!

Fourth, let’s dive into the latest character to join our pool of playable routes in Jock Studio – Avan Geiserford! Another familiar face fits swimmingly into our cast, don’t you think? He’s ready and excited to show you his favorite stroke!

Fifth, get ready to grapple our next pursuable route in Jock Studio, Bryce Callahan! Be careful, he’s an expert at pinning you down and beating you into submission!

Our sixth pursuable character is sure to be a slam dunk – get ready to dribble and drool over the king of the court, Zayne Alexander! 
Let’s kick-off our final character reveal for #JockStudio, Leo Mendez! Leo always knows to play hard- even without using his hands~
Stay tuned for the full reveal next week!

~Lots of love,

BLits Games


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