Hey, buddies! It’s been a while, so we’re back with another Major Update featuring information on Camp Buddy’s Patch 2.2, Body Pillow Artwork, and Patreon Image Sets! The post below contains important information for all fans of Camp Buddy, so we encourage everyone to read this post fully so that they don’t miss anything!

Camp Buddy Patch 2.2

As we mentioned in our last update back in February, Patch 2.2 development is still underway, and it contains a ton of changes that will make Camp Buddy feel fresh and new, even to veteran players! Here are all the things you can look forward to:

Audio Normalization

After much hard work, the Audio Normalization of Camp Buddy has been fully completed and implemented into game! Thanks to our Audio Engineer, Kevpho, and his work, all scenes in Camp Buddy, along with sprite voice cues, background music, and sound effects, have been remastered for the best listening experience while playing!

Additional Animations (Taiga’s Route) & Animation Remaster

Just like we mentioned in the previous update, we have finished all animations that will be animated in the Taiga route! You can see a little tease of the final animations to be included in Patch 2.2 below:

Beyond these additional animations in Taiga’s route, we have also fully remastered the animations into a newer, higher-quality format that saves space and reduces lag for users while playing! Every single animation in game has undergone this update, and you can look forward to much smoother, higher-resolution animations in Patch 2.2!

The animations have also all been tweaked to contain ‘idle’ animations during key moments, such as the insertion and cum sequences. This means that scenes, like the cum sequences, will no longer feel so rushed, and will give you much more time to properly enjoy the characters’ reactions and animations!

Additional Features

While updating the game, we decided to implement a few additional quality-of-life features as well – the first of these is the addition of an Autoplay button in the game! Inside the game’s menu, you can set the speed of the autoplay text, and then activate it from the game’s quick menu! Once it’s on, you can sit back, relax and read, while the game scrolls through the text automatically for you!

Another feature that was added per user request was the ‘Voice Replay’ feature, which can also be activated via the game’s menu. Once activated, you can click on the text displayed in the dialogue box to replay the voiced line that was played alongside it! What’s nice about this feature is that if you missed a voice clip, or want to hear it again, you can replay it without having to go into the chat log! (Don’t worry though, the chat log is still available in 2.2 as well.)

Some other minor updates were made as well, such as a ‘Skip Tutorial’ button for the foreplay minigame, as well as a little heart icon above the character that indicates whose turn it is for easier viewing! The save and load screens have also been tweaked and should be significantly less laggy for everyone!

Remastered Sprite Scenes

Perhaps the biggest change in Camp Buddy version 2.2 is the remastering of all sprite scenes in every character route! The story has not changed, but many of the sprite poses, facial expressions, voice cues and dialogue have been updated to more properly reflect the characters’ moods during the scenes, and to help make the game feel like a whole new experience! We estimate that there are over 6000 changes to sprite scenes throughout all the character routes!

In addition to this, the entirety of the story has been checked for grammar and consistency, so minor spelling errors, missing words, and other mistakes have been fully corrected as of this patch! There have also been minor tweaks to multiple CG scenes and sprites in order to correctly portray the characters’ appearances, such as missing scars on Yoichi, or the missing hairpin on Hiro.

…And more!

These are just a summary of the changes we haven’t talked about yet for Patch 2.2, but there are many more, from minor fixes to major updates! You can find the full Patch Notes for 2.2 on release, and see everything that has been changed there for yourself!

Speaking of release, we know everyone is wondering when Patch 2.2 is actually coming out – we want to thank everyone for their patience, as we really wanted to ensure that this final patch contains everything we wanted to see and fix to make your Camp Buddy experience the best it can be! After months of hard work, we can confidently say that Camp Buddy Patch 2.2 will be releasing this June 2020, so you can look forward to it very soon!

Physical Merchandise Update

Another question on everyone’s mind has been for an update on physical merchandise – specifically, the Body Pillow Patreon Rewards that we are currently seeking to turn into physical merchandise, and not just digital! Unfortunately, we still don’t have an update on when physical sales and products will be able to start shipments, as the COVID-19 situation around the world has slowed down our progress on this significantly.

We are still planning on selling these items physically via our webstore, but we’ll have to ask everyone to be patient for the time being while we work out the details of the sales and continue to monitor the worldwide situation. You can look forward to more information as soon as we are confident in our ability to begin selling them!

More Patreon Rewards for Sale!

In the meantime, while everyone waits for Patch 2.2 and physical merchandise, we are happy to announce that we will be selling more Patreon Reward Image Sets on our website! The following sets will be available to purchase, starting today, from our webstore:

  • Patreon Collection 20 (Natsumi Animated Solo, Natsumi x Avan, Natsumi x Seto) – $15 USD
  • Patreon Collection 21 (Taiga x Hiro, Taiga x Yoichi) – $10 USD
  • Patreon Collection 22 (Chiaki Solo, Noah Solo) – $10 USD
  • Patreon Collection 23 (Hiro Animated Solo, Hiro x Aiden, Hiro x Seto) – $15 USD
  • Patreon Collection 24 (Hiro Christmas Solo, Taiga Christmas Solo) – $10 USD
  • Patreon Collection 25 (Yoichi Animated Solo, Yoichi x Yuuto, Yoichi x Felix) – $15 USD

You can find them here!


In addition, we want to inform everyone that Patreon Collection 17 has been updated to remove the Haruki Solo reward, and the price has been lowered to $10 USD (For an explanation as to why Haruki has been removed from the set, please see our post about cameos earlier this year: https://www.blitsgames.com/update-patch-2-2-more/).

If you are a Patron, please check out the link below to see more information about what has changed in the Deluxe Tier:


Closing Word

That’s all for now, buddies! We know that everyone is eager to hear more about the expansion route as well, but we do not have anything to reveal for it yet, as development will begin in earnest for the expansion route as soon as Patch 2.2 is released! You can all look forward to more news on it, as well as other future projects, very soon!

Thank you as always for your support, buddies, and we’re excited to share with you this final update to Camp Buddy!

Lots of love,

~BLits Team

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