Olympians, we’re back with another update – it’s been three weeks since the Jock Studio Kickstarter Campaign launched, and we couldn’t be happier with how it’s gone so far! We’ve already achieved nearly 800 percent of our funding goal, and there’s still a little over a week left in the campaign! We have some exciting updates to share in the meantime! Check them all out below!

First off, we’re happy to announce that we’ve already achieved two of our new campaign bonus goals – both Matchmaker and Cheat Mode have been unlocked! We’re extremely close to unlocking another Bonus Goal, To Shave or Not to Shave too – check out the details below:

Merchandise Previews

We’re also excited to show everyone some previews of the merchandise available in the backer tiers – you’ve already seen some of the default designs for these, but we wanted to expand them and show the full sets for everyone!

First up, we have the Club Pennants – each of these represents a different one of the Jock’s houses, or, if you’re undecided like Ace, the Olympus University logo – they are designed to be minimalistic, perfect as discreet décor, but with vibrant colors and striking sigil design representing each sports club! Adorn your room with these pennants to root for the ‘house’ you resonate with the most!

Next, we showed off an Ace Art Print, but check out one for each of the Jocks in their iconic action poses seen in our marketing materials and in the game demo! These will also be the signed prints for those who have that tier selected:

We also have a design for the Lanyard and Character ID cards – you can wear what the characters carry around with them every day at Olympus University!

Lastly, we already showed off Ace’ character keychain, and now we’re ready to show the designs of the other Jocks, made by our team artist, Magia! For the Kickstarter campaign, we plan to have a limited-edition variant of these character keychains that showcases their personality and houses!

Adorable, aren’t they? That’s all the merchandise we can show for now, but we’re continuing to design the rest and will preview it at a later date! In the meantime, if any of these have piqued your interest, you can upgrade your pledge or choose an add-on for the Art Prints or Keychains (Junior Tier (75$ USD) and above) for your pledge of these items before the campaign ends!

More Limited Tiers!

Next, just like the last two weeks, we’ve added more slots to the limited Alumni and Valedictorian Tiers! There are now an additional fifty (50) slots available for the Alumni Tier, and an additional seventy-five (75) for the Valedictorian Tier! Make sure and pick them up if you’re interested, Olympians!

Final Giveaway Event

Lastly, we’re back with our final giveaway event – another generous backer, PermeatingDusk, was kind enough to offer a Cameo Character slot from the Bachelor Tier* for a giveaway! To enter, please join the contest linked below, and complete all the tasks!

Jock Studio Kickstarter Giveaway

The contest will run from today until next Tuesday (8/8/2023), and our lucky winner will be announced during our campaign ending message! Make sure and enter before then, Olympians!

PS – Please note the Cameo Character description from the Bachelor Tier – This character will appear in background art or other various locations throughout the game. This giveaway does not include rewards from the Bachelor tier and only offers the Cameo Character Slot.

Closing Note

That’s all for this week’s update, Olympians, but we’ll be back very soon with more! If you haven’t yet, you still have time to back the project or update your tier, so please make sure and take advantage while you can!

You can also catch up on all our news by following our socials, where we’ll also be posting continuous content until the end of the campaign:

Thank you all again for your continued generous support!

Lots of love,

~BLits Games


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