Olympians, there’s exactly one week left in the Jock Studio Kickstarter Campaign! Since the campaign launched, we’ve achieved over 800% funding, almost 5000 backers, and we’ve already surpassed so many milestones! If you haven’t yet, now’s the perfect opportunity to pledge, or upgrade your tier, as there won’t be another chance after the campaign ends!

Additionally, we’ll be doing a daily countdown on twitter for the campaign, with exclusive artwork! Make sure and follow the BLits Games Twitter account to see everything!

You can also catch up on all our other socials, where we’ll also be posting continuous content until the end of the campaign:

We’ve also got a couple of events to participate in right now, like the Heart-Heart Event and the Cameo Giveaway Event! Check out both at the links below:

Lastly, if you haven’t gotten a chance to play the free demo or back the campaign, please check it out here:


That’s all for now, Olympians! Enjoy the last week of the campaign, and we’re so excited to get started bringing Jock Studio to life!

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