Olympians, we have only three (3) days left until the Jock Studio Kickstarter Campaign ends! Just two days ago, we announced our new ‘Buzzer Beater’ Goals, and we’re extremely happy to announce that we’ve already achieved one of them, X-Ray Vision! We’re also well on our way to our Animated Opening Video, so thank you all again for your generous support! Make sure and back the campaign, or upgrade your pledge tiers, while you still have time!


Today is also the last day to enter the Cameo Character Giveaway Event, so be sure and enter it today! You can also still participate in the Heart-Heart Event, at the links below!

On top of that, we recently released a beta Android version of the Jock Studio demo – we are pleased to announce that we have applied several bug fixes to the demo, and updated the download link on the website! If you were experiencing a black screen bug, this update has resolved that issue! Additionally, if you have an Android Phone that requires 64-bit applications such as the Pixel 7, please delete* the app and redownload directly from the link below!

Important Note – Deleting your game will also delete all save data. We apologize for the inconvenience!

Finally, we’ve continued our daily countdown on Twitter for the campaign, with exclusive artwork! Make sure and follow the BLits Games Twitter account to see everything, including some extra special previews in the Campaign’s final day!

You can also catch up on all our other socials, where we’ll also be posting continuous content until the end of the campaign:

We’re so close to the end now, Olympians! Stay tuned for the final push!

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