Fellow Olympians, we’re back with our first Jock Studio Development Update of 2024, featuring new previews, development updates and more! Please read the following post for full details, as it contains information for all fans of Jock Studio!

Physical Reward Previews – Body Pillow Undies Variant

First up, we have a preview of the final variant of the Jock Studio Body Pillows – the undies variant! If the standard variant is too clothed for you, or the naked variant is a little too risqué, then this version is perfect! Check out the full character round up below:

You can see these variants, alongside both Standard and Naked Variants for each character at our merch preview site now! Check it out below if you haven’t yet:


Additionally, we have some great news – anyone who has already purchased a Body Pillow cover as part of their pledge or as an add-on on PledgeManager will be receiving an image set for the character(s) and costumes(s) of their choice!* These bonus image sets will be sent out early next week (February 5th, 2024), so please watch the email you used for PledgeManager for the download links! We’ll also make an announcement on the BLits Twitter page when all images have been sent out!

*For example, if you purchased a body pillow add-on and chose “Ace Anderson – Undies”, you will receive the Ace Anderson – Undies Body Pillow Front and Back image set!

Image sets for all characters will also be available on Mikkoukun’s Patreon at a later date.

That’s all for physical merchandise previews this update, but if you haven’t yet, please make sure and check out PledgeManager! There’s still time to purchase add-ons, upgrade your pledge, or sign up if you haven’t yet! Additionally, anyone who purchases body pillows as add-ons or part of their pledge after this update will still be entitled to image sets, sent out in a second batch with our next development update in March 2024!

Sign up for PledgeManager below!

Development Diary 5 – Background Art, Gameplay Previews, and Superbacker Character Reveals!

Next up, we’re going straight into our fifth development diary, with detailed reports on what the team has been up to since our last update in early December!

Part 1 – Background Art

First up, continuing from our previous development update, we have some previously previewed 3D renders of backgrounds that have now been finished by our background artist, Monacodingo! Check them out in their completed glory:

You can visit all of these beautifully scenic locations throughout your Jock Studio gameplay experience, whether it’s to grab a bite, visit a friend’s room, or lounge with the Jocks!

These locations are far from the only ones in game, though. Micman and Zemyx have also been working to create even more 3D renders for our background artists, previewed below:

Pretty cool, right? You can only imagine the kinds of antics Ace and the Jocks will involve themselves in with areas like these!

We’ll have even more location previews in later updates too, and all will be explorable in the full game, so please stay tuned!

Part 2 – Gameplay Previews: Updated Sprite Scene & Action Interface

We’ve shown a couple of early Gameplay Previews in previous updates, and we’re excited to be showing off even more now, combining the interface design work of our graphic artist, Peach, with our programmers, Sticmac and Zemyx!

First up, we have a preview for the newly updated Sprite Scene! It’s quite a bit different from what was seen in the first demo, so we’ll let Ace explain it all below:

Thanks, Ace – now don’t have too much fun with the Jocks! As he explained though, the Sprite Scene Interface has seen various improvements and quality of life updates including:

  • New Time, Date & Location Interfaces with sleek & easy to read design.
  • Quick menu and phone button for easy App Access (stay tuned for more information about this in a later update…)
  • New Energy Bar and Status Condition symbols
  • Resized Dialogue Box for more viewing pleasure

Pretty cool, right? But that’s not our only gameplay preview for this update! We previously showed off the Campus Map interface, but what happens when you actually travel to a location? Check out the preview below to find out!

Truly take control of how Ace’s journey unfolds with the Action Interface! Not only will you be able to travel quickly between locations with the Campus Map Interface, but you’ll also be able to determine how Ace spends his time (and energy), whether it’s through sleeping (as seen above), studying, hanging with friends, or even more spicy scenarios!

You can look forward to much more information about this interface and how it works in future development updates!

Part 3 – Superbacker Character Reveals!

Finally, to round off this development diary, we are pleased to show off the early designs for the characters belonging to our Superbackers! For those who don’t know, superbackers are individuals who pledged in specific tiers during our Kickstarter Campaign, specifically:

  • Olympian Tier – Create a Side Character who will be directly involved in the story and events of the game, with full sprite artwork and costumes!
  • Varsity Tier – Create a Cameo Character that features as one of the Jock’s teammates and appears in background artwork throughout the game.
  • Bachelor Tier – Create a Cameo Character to appear in background artwork throughout the game.

Over the past few months, we’ve worked with these individuals to create their characters, from compiling information to the final concept design work by Mikkoukun and Magia! Check out a preview of all the character concepts below:

Character Design by Mikkoukun

Character Design by Magia

Character Design by Magia

We hope that everyone, especially our Superbackers, welcomes and enjoys these new additions to Jock Studio! You can look forward to seeing full renders of the Bachelor and Varsity Tier characters in Background Art throughout the game, and detailed sprites and more from the Olympian Tier characters as well!

Finally, we’d also like to mention our additional tier of superbackers, the Club Manager Tiers. These tiers were eligible to design a costume for each member of the main cast of Jock Studio. We’re still working on them, but you can look forward to their exciting costume reveals in a future development update!

Applications Update

That’s all for our Development Diary #5, but before we completely close out the update, we wanted to let everyone know that we are still reviewing applications that have been submitted for Background Artists and Animation Studios, so please stay tuned for more information about both of these positions in the future!

Closing Word

That’s all for this development update, Olympians, but we hope that everyone enjoyed all the exciting previews and new information shared above! We’ll be back with another development update in early March, and you can also look forward to the release of the Camp Buddy: Scoutmaster Season Lovense Patch before that! Please stay tuned!

Thank you as always for your love and support!

Lots of love,

~BLits Games


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