Camp Buddy: Scoutmasters’ Season Development Update & Release Window

Hey there, buddies! It’s been a while, and we apologize for the delay, but we’re back with a huge update regarding Camp Buddy: Scoutmasters’ Season development. Our team has worked extremely hard since the last update, and we have tons of information we want to share with you from our progress up to our release window!

The following post contains information for all fans of BLits and Camp Buddy, so please read the post in full!

Writing & Programming Departments

We are happy to report that as of this update, both Aiden and Goro route’s story have been written and reviewed! There are a few scenes remaining to be proofread, but other than that, the writing and story phase is totally complete.

Regarding the programming, we expect both Aiden and Goro routes to finish up by the end of next week, and then to enter the final testing phases for both to ensure there are no bugs or concerns!

Voice Acting & Sound Management

Next, we are pleased to report that voice acting is also nearly complete, with only a very small number of scenes pending recording! In addition to these recordings, we want to make a few additional announcements – the previous actor for Yuri Nomoru has chosen to depart the project, and we wish her the very best in all her future endeavors, as well as thank her for bringing Yuri to life so well over the years!

With that in mind, however, we are excited to announce that Lasli Tran has been cast in the role of Yuri Nomoru, and she’s done an excellent job of performing as the fun, caring, fujoshi that we all know and love! You’ll hear all of Lasli’s recordings soon on the full release!

Beyond that, we have two more actors that we have casted for side character roles in the project – Ryan Do and Amanda Hufford! We won’t say who they’re voicing just yet, but you’ll find out soon in both character’s story routes!

Finally, regarding the actual music development and audio work of the game, we are glad to report that the full Camp Buddy: Scoutmasters’ Season soundtrack has been composed and balanced and will be released on the various music platforms some time after the game’s release.

We’d also like to report that more than half of all the audio in the game has been totally balanced by our audio engineer, Kev and we expect it to be completed as well in two weeks!

Art Department

Continuing with their efforts since the second demo, our art team has worked hard to make Camp Buddy: Scoutmasters’ Season as jam-packed with scene images and mini-images! To give everyone an idea, between the Neutral Arc, Goro’s Route, and Aiden’s routes, there are over 70 Scene Images (CGs), and additionally over 60 Mini-images! You can see some samples of newly completed CG scenes below:

The collaboration process for the scene and mini images pass through our three main artists: With Zael doing the sketches, Magia with the linearts, and Mikkoukun doing the coloring!

At the time of writing, we estimate that over half of the Scene Images and Mini Images are completed! We estimate that the remaining art workload will be finished in two weeks and will be implemented into the game along the way!

Beyond the images above, our art department has also worked hard on the various backgrounds and environments of the game, as well as the character sprites and their wide variety of costumes! And speaking of characters, we have two new cameo appearances we’d like to show you!

Featured in both Aiden and Goro’s routes, these two cameos are characters for our music composer, HMNK and our newest team member, Magia!

The first of the cameos, Reimond Ng, is an OC that some of you may be familiar with, as HMNK has created him before BLits, but he’ll be making some special appearances in the story for both characters! He is being voiced by Cole Feuchter, who many of you know as the voice of Naoto Hamasaki and Archer Springfield.

The second cameo, Justin, is the newest BLits Original Character made by our team’s artist, Magia! Justin has a bit of a rocker vibe, but he’ll be working on a different hustle in Camp Buddy: Scoutmasters’ Season and will appear in both character’s stories as well! Justin is also an official BLits Character so you can expect him to appear in future works!

You can check Justin’s profile in the character page!


Minigame Development

After their debut in the second demo the previous Holiday season, our team has continued to improve the minigames that you were all able to play and test out!

As of right now, the Journal Minigame is fully completed and implemented into the code – it will occur several times in each character’s story, and we made sure to make it progressively more difficult each time, so best of luck, buddies!

The foreplay minigame continues to progress as well, we expect it to be done by the end of next week along with the rest of the programming, and we can’t wait to let you all try it out in the full version – let’s just say there’s some interesting ‘switches’ you all haven’t got to try yet!

Please also take note that these minigames are skippable, but playing through and completing them will grant special scenes and rewards!

You can try these minigames in our free second game demo below!

Holiday Development Update & New Demo!

Animation Department

Our next update is on the animation department – after careful consideration and the assets remaining to be completed, our team has decided to postpone all Sex Scene Animations from the initial release of Camp Buddy: Scoutmasters’ Season.

However, we do still want to provide these scenes to everyone in their full, animated glory, so we are happy to announce that we are committed to providing patches, including these animations, bug fixes, and much more, down the line after release! Thank you for your understanding and patience!

Beyond the Sex Scene animations, however, we are happy to report that all minigame animations and transitional animations have been completed – and that’s not all! We’ve been working really hard on the Opening Video for Camp Buddy: Scoutmasters’ Season, and it is nearly complete as well! In fact, it’s so close to being done that we have a little clip we want to show you right now:

The full opening video will be released on March 18th, 2022 on our YouTube channel, so please stay tuned for that and keep reading below for more information!

Release Window

As we’re sure you can tell from the post above, our team is unfortunately not going to be able to make the February 2022 Release Date – we want to sincerely apologize to everyone for this delay, but we assure you all that we’ve never worked harder to make everything in Camp Buddy: Scoutmaster’s Season the game you all deserve!

After careful consideration and considering the amount of work left in the project, we have decided on a release date window of March 25th – March 30th, 2022. This will give us enough of time to finalize the remaining tasks and implementations, and ensure that the game is released as bug-free as possible for you all to enjoy!

We are also promising to release a final update on March 18th, 2022, including the full Opening Video, as well as the exact release date from our release window.

We’d also like to inform everyone that Camp Buddy: Scoutmasters’ Season will be available for purchase on our website for both PC and Mac on the initial release, and will cost $39.99 USD for purchase! Thank you all again for your understanding!

Closing Note

That’s all for now, buddies! We hope that everyone has had a wonderful start to the year, and we ask for your patience for just a little longer while we finish our development! Thank you as always for all of your support, and we’ll be back on the 18th with the final update!

As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at [email protected]!

Lots of Love,


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