Hey, buddies! It’s been a little over a week since the Taiga Route DLC launched, and our team has been busy working on the major bugs you all have reported since then! We’re happy to announce that we’re releasing an update patch today, Camp Buddy version 2.1, which will resolve the issues that have been found so far! You can find a full detailed summary at the link below in our Patch notes:

Camp Buddy Patch Notes

Please read carefully through the post below as we guide you through how to download and install the update:


Please follow the instructions below to download and install your update!

1)  In order to play the new Update, you will need to re-download the Camp Buddy game (Filesize: 6.5 GB).

  • For those who have purchased the game through our website,  you will receive an email (in the same e-mail address you used to transact in BMT Micro) from us with a link to download the new version of Camp Buddy on your respective platform (Windows or Mac). However, we would like to note that all BMT Micro purchasers may also re-download the game (with no fees) at any time from BMT Micro’s website using the same link they received on purchase!
  • For the patrons who were entitled to a free copy of the game, you will receive an e-mail from us with a download link  to download the new version of Camp Buddy (in the same e-mail you have used for Patreon / received your Camp Buddy v2.0 game copy)

Please be aware that sometimes emails from us go into the spam/junk folder, and check there before requesting a new download link! Please also be reminded that your product ID is not a valid purchase receipt. We can manually verify your purchase from your email, but emails with valid proof or purchase will be prioritized.

Once the game is downloaded, please extract the software like below:

2)  Once the extraction is complete, please click the “Camp Buddy.exe” file in the new folder, and the game will run! Please also note that Saves and Gallery data may not cross over from the previous version, and if you encounter an error when loading a save please delete that save in order to resolve the issue. We apologize for the inconvenience! 

This update is free for everyone who purchased and are entitled to a free copy of the game. 

Patch 2.1 FAQ

In addition to the patch, we’ve seen quite a few questions from players, and want to provide some answers to them! Make sure and check here first if you have a concern!

  • Q: There are supposed to be 96 Save Slots, but my page only shows 16!
    • Additional Save Pages are unlocked after the current page is completely filled, up to 96. If you currently have only one page of saves, it is because all 16 have not been filled.
  • Q: I’m getting an error about ‘score_taigatop’ or ‘score_taigabot!’ What’s up with that?
    • Errors related to the scores will typically occur when the player attempts to use the console to jump to various scenes in game. We discourage anyone from using the console to manipulate the game. If you see this error and are not using the console, it’s possible you have a corrupt download – please re-download the game and see if the error persists!
  • Q: I’m a Mac User and my game is stuck at verifying! How do I fix that?
    • Multiple users have reported this issue, and we believe it is due to the antivirus on the system. Users have reported success when right-clicking menu and clicking open while holding Option+Cmd. This will tell the Mac to skip verification.
  • Q: My game still lags even after the Patch, especially on the save screen! What do I do?
    • If there are old saves from a previous version on your computer still, they could be causing the issue. Please delete the “saves” folder from your Camp Buddy directory, and also go into the Renpy specific Directory (found in %AppData%/Roaming/Renpy/Camp Buddy in Windows, and /Library/Renpy/Camp Buddy on Mac) and delete the saves and persistent files there.

Closing Message

Our team will continue post-testing the game for more bugs, and there would definitely be another major update that will come to implement certain improvements to the game.

We encourage everyone who has played the game to continue reporting to us any kind of bugs or errors you may find, as well as other issues and concerns so that we could address them and improve your Camp Buddy experience at the link below:


If you still need help, please don’t hesitate to send us an email at: [email protected] 

That’s all for now, buddies! Thank you again for your support, and enjoy this new update!

-BLits Team

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