Hey there, buddies! It’s been a few months since we gave a development update, and we thought that it was about time you guys got some info about what has been going on behind the scenes & what exciting new things are coming soon for Camp Buddy and BLits! This update contains important information for all patrons and everyone who bought a copy of Camp Buddy, so we encourage everyone to read this post fully so they don’t miss anything!


Patch 1.2 & Android Version:

After lots of testing and bug fixing, we’re happy to announce that both Camp Buddy version 1.2 and the Android Version of Camp Buddy are almost ready for release! The Android version will automatically start at version 1.2, and all those who purchased a PC or Mac version will be able to download an updated copy soon as well! Please see a list below of the various different patch notes & changes you can expect to see in the new Patch:

  • Missing assets were added to the swimsuit contest sidequest (Natsumi Route)
  • Improved timing of fade effect during scene transitions
  • Various interface fixes/improvements (settings, gallery, music player).
  • The last set in the Frog Gallery is now unlockable!
  • Added hover effects to the gallery.
  • Fixed cutoff bugs with the foreplay minigame.
  • Journal Minigame is now skippable!
  • Fixed minor gallery issues with text and images displaying improperly.
  • Added sound to all interface buttons.
  • Added “Greatest Memories” to music player, fixed music player interface.
  • Save/load slots increase from 6 to 20. They can also now be named and deleted!
  • Added “Character Profiles” in Settings. You can now view character bios!
  • Major voice cues fixed
  • Various bug fixes (missing faces, off positions) and grammar corrections.

In addition to these fixes, our animator, Sorashu, has been hard at work converting & remastering the animations in game to be both smaller than their original size in the TGA format, but much better quality than the webm format they are currently displayed in!

We also have another little surprise – beyond just upgrading the current animations, Sorashu has also finished four more animated sex scenes that have been added to version 1.2 – the costume SX Scenes! Make sure you replay and get those new scenes, buddies! (P.S. – for those who still wish to see the images over the animations, don’t worry! They’re still available in the gallery!)

Patch 1.2 and the Android version are expected to be released within March 2019, so please stay tuned to our Patreon page for news about the release & where to get your copy!


Taiga Route DLC

Taiga Route DLC continues to be developed behind the scenes, and we are currently working on his story. There is still more to go, as we’re making sure to give it the same great quality that you saw in the other routes.  As we said in the previous major update, we still plan on releasing his route in 2019, so stay tuned for more news on it as we continue its development!


A Brand New Website!

We are happy to announce BLits now has a full-fledged website thanks to our developer, Corbs. Say goodbye to our boring old website! Our new site is equipped with a handful of features and info that will make it a great hub for everything BLits:

  • New homepage with tons of info on Camp Buddy
  • About page with info on the origins and mission statement of BLits
  • Team page with info and fun facts of all of our awesome team members
  • News page: All new BLits news and major updates will be posted here from now on. We will still post updates on Patreon, but they will now be links to this new page.
  • Our store page will have all BLits games and products. Right now Camp Buddy is the only thing on the store, but expect lots of cool products in the future!
  • Characters page with bios and information on all BLits characters
  • FAQ with quick answers to all of the common questions we get. We will try to update this page frequently to keep everyone informed!

In addition to the new website, we now have a BLits mailing list. Enter your email on our website and be subscribed to our official email list. If you subscribe to this list, you will get emails with major news and updates. This is the best way to keep up with everything BLits.

We have also been working hard with our download services to ensure we can deliver new updates quickly and seamlessly. We are working with a new cloud hosting and content delivery network to make sure you can download new versions of the game quickly and easily!

This new website will be deployed at the same time as Patch 1.2 and the Android version of the game, so please stay tuned for it!


Closing Message

Thank you all very much for reading this message fully, and we hope you’re all excited about the new & fun things coming soon! If we missed something, or you just have a different question, please feel free to comment below, or send us a message at [email protected] and we’ll be sure to respond as soon as possible!

We are grateful as always for your support, buddies, and we promise to keep doing our best to deliver quality content for you all!

Lots of love~

BLits Team


And One More Thing…

Speaking of quality content, we know many of you have been wondering where the Patron’s

choice rewards are and what we’ve been doing with them…

Well, they’re complete! We’re happy to announce that all Patron’s Choice Rewards have been finished and extracted, and are available FOR FREE on Mikkoukun’s Twitter and here for Patrons (in a separate post), starting with Aiden x Keitaro! Just click the links below to access them!

These three rewards, featuring Aiden x Keitaro, Aiden x Yoichi, and Yoichi x Natsumi were voted on by our patrons back in the original campaign of Camp Buddy, and have finally been finished! We hope everyone enjoys Aiden x Keitaro, and don’t worry – we’ll release the next rewards, Aiden x Yoichi and Yoichi x Natsumi over the next few weeks in anticipation for Patch 1.2! For those of you curious, you can also find these rewards in a special secret place in game as well! (Hint – These are “crack” pairings after all!)


Speaking of the game, if you haven’t played it yet, check it out! You can buy the game on our website, linked below, and play it right now! In addition, if you purchase the game now, don’t worry! You’ll still be able to access the new updates described above when they release! Thanks again buddies, and we’ll see you at our next update!


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