Hey, buddies! It’s been a while since our last update when we released a demo for Camp Buddy: Scoutmasters’ Season, and we’re finally ready to share more information with you regarding its development! In addition to Camp Buddy: Scoutmasters’ Season updates, we’re also excited to share some news regarding Camp Buddy’s two translation teams!

The following post contains information for all fans of BLits and Camp Buddy, so please read below for full details!

Camp Buddy – Scoutmasters’ Season Development Update!

We know everyone is eager for more news regarding Camp Buddy: Scoutmasters’ Season most of all, and we’re excited to give it! Make sure and check out all the topics below for a full update on its development progress!

Story Progress

The last time we updated everyone, we announced that the storyboard of the first arc of the game had been completed. Now, we’re happy to say that the entire first arc of the game has been written and is undergoing the proofreading stage now! We hope to have it begin the coding process as well very soon, and will be reporting on that milestone when it’s reached as well!

In addition to this story progress, we’ve also made lots of progress on the individual character arc’s storyboards, and are excited for you all to see the detailed story of Camp Buddy’s off season, and dive deeper into the pasts and futures of Aiden, Goro and Yoshinori!

New Minigame!

Another new feature in Camp Buddy: Scoutmasters’ Season is a brand-new minigame! You can check out a look at its interface below:

* Preview images may be subject to change and may not represent the final product.

In the minigame, Yoshinori will be helping to digitize Yuri’s Old Journal by restoring the photos and text of the past, rewarding the players with both coins for the gallery as well as a fun scene from the past! As exciting as this is, we’re sure you’re all wondering how Yoshinori will end up handling a computer considering his record with technology. Luckily for him, he’s got some help…

New Characters!

We teased these two characters back in our last update, but now we’re happy to officially show them off to you all! Camp Buddy is undergoing a lot of changes during this off season thanks to the success of Keitaro’s journal, as well as the efforts of Clermont Inc, and to make those changes happen, the cast is going to need some help!

First up in the new roster is Hyunjin Choi, a Tech Specialist hired to bring the camp into the modern era! He’s a bit of a shut in, but he’s going out of his comfort zone to work hard with everyone at the camp! He seems to have a secret side of him that he won’t be able to hold in when he gets too close with his new co-workers.

Next, we have an inspector sent by Clermont Inc., Emilia Komarova! She’s been sent out to make sure that Camp Buddy meets all of the requirements set by the sponsorship, so Yoshinori and everyone else at camp had better make sure they’re prepared! She’s also got a bit of a history with the camp, though what exactly it is will have to be revealed later…

These aren’t the only new characters to appear in Camp Buddy: Scoutmasters’ Season, as a project this big requires a lot of help! Two more characters will be making their debut soon, but for now, you’ll have to make due with just a little teaser~

All these new characters will definitely spice things up around the camp with brand new interactions and side-stories! We’ll be revealing these two characters in the next Scoutmasters’ Season development update, as well as releasing a casting call for all four new roles, so please stay tuned for that!

In addition to all these new faces, we’re sure you’re wondering about what the original cast of Camp Buddy is up to! Wonder no more, as Camp Buddy Scoutmasters’ Season will be featuring plenty of cameo appearances, and we’ll tease just a few of them below…

New Music!

One of the reasons Camp Buddy was such an immersive experience was due to its wonderful soundtrack, and we’re happy to announce that HMNK, Keno and MYM have returned to make an all-new score for Camp Buddy: Scoutmasters’ Season! We have tons of new themes and music on the way, and we want to show a little bit of them off to you all, so check out a compilation of the sample clips below:

“Always with a brightest smile, forever it’s our Buddy Oath!”

You’ll be able to hear the full OST in game on release, as well as on our Youtube channel at that same time, so stay tuned for that, buddies!

Release Date

Speaking of the release, we know the question on everyone’s mind – when does Camp Buddy: Scoutmasters’ Season officially release? We still aren’t ready to give a firm release date of the game yet, but we’re confident that you will all be able to play it in the later half of 2021!

Once we’ve made more progress and have a set release date in mind, we’ll announce it here, so please stay tuned for more information!

Camp Buddy – Translations Progress Report! (Spanish & Portuguese)

It’s been a while since we shared a progress report of our Camp Buddy translation effort, but we’re happy to report that our Translation team led by Akida has been hard at work these past few months! We’re very excited to announce that the entire game has been translated into Spanish as of this month, and is currently undergoing the review and implementation process! You can check out a small sample gif of the newly translated version below:

In addition to our Spanish translation, we are happy to announce that our Portuguese translation team has been fully hired and has translated about 40% of the dialogue in game as well! Like we did with the Spanish Translations team, we want to take a moment to introduce the Portuguese translation team to you all!

  • Portuguese Translator – Luban
  • Portuguese Translator – Derfel Cadarn
  • Portuguese Translator – Sailor Lulu
  • Portuguese Translation Reviewer – Howl

In addition to these Portuguese translators, we also want to take a moment to announce our Spanish Translation Reviewer, Retsu, who has been working hard with our previously announced Spanish Translation team to properly review all of the content that has been translated so far!

That’s all for now about translations, but please stay tuned for more info about them in the future!

Closing Note

That’s all for now buddies, and we hope you all enjoyed this development update! We’ll be back soon with more information regarding all of this, and we hope that you’ll stay tuned for news in the future! If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to ask in the comments below, or send us an email to [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help!

Thank you again for all of your support, and we’ll see you guys in the next update!

Lots of love,


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