Hey buddies! Last Sunday, we celebrated the birthday of everyone’s favorite chef, Aiden Flynn, with a teaser on twitter, but today, we’re happy to make the full announcement: he’s getting his own, brand-new, stunning R-18 Model, produced in collaboration with Gentleman Studio! Check out the details in the post below, as well as links to order your own!

Scoutmaster Season x Gentleman Studio

Hot off the heels of our Yoichi Yukimura Collaboration with Gentleman Studio*, we’re producing another collaboration with their wonderful studio, this time featuring Aiden Flynn, from both Camp Buddy and Scoutmaster Season! Check out the renderings below:

*PS – If you have pre-ordered a Yoichi Yukimura figure, please check your email! You should be able to make final payments and choose shipping options now, as the figures are ready and being shipped!

Just like Aiden’s dishes, this figure is another work of art! Check out the statistics for the statue below:

  • 1/6th scale of the original design
  • 20 cm long
  • 30 cm wide
  • 21 cm tall

Additionally, just like Yoichi, Aiden will be highly customizable, including the following options:

  • Two Head Options (With Tongue Out & Smiling Expressions)
  • Two Penis Options (Flaccid & Erect, both uncensored)
  • A detachable spatula
  • A detachable fabric Apron
  • An accessory resin platter with steak & garnishes
  • An Acrylic Standee featuring Exclusive Art

You can order your very own executive chef today (6/14/2024) by pre-ordering at the link below! Additionally, just like with Yoichi, anyone who pre-orders Aiden from our website will receive 8 Bonus Image Sets featuring Aiden Flynn from both Patreon and Camp Buddy! Pre-orders are available only for a limited time and in limited quantities, so please take advantage while you can:


Please note – Two payment options are available:

  • Deposit: You will be charged a one-time, non-refundable payment of $69. Once manufacturing is complete, you will settle the remaining 100 USD balance plus the shipping cost when the figure is ready to ship.
  • Full payment: Pay the full $169 cost now and you will settle the shipping cost when the figure is ready to ship. Please note that this is non-refundable.

Note: We estimate shipping costs to be between $50 – $80 USD, depending on your location. We will provide further shipment cost information at a later date.

Please see our infographic below for further explanation:


Aiden Flynn Figure Giveaway!

Finally, to celebrate the launch of this collaboration, we’ll also be holding a giveaway of one Aiden Flynn figure for free! Sign up at the link below, and one lucky winner will be chosen to receive the Aiden Flynn figure after he’s produced, as well as their own copy of Camp Buddy: Scoutmaster Season, on the platform of their choice!

PS – The secret code is SPECIALSAUCE!

Aiden Flynn Figure Giveaway

The giveaway will run from today (June 14, 2024) through Sunday (June 23, 2024) and a winner will be announced that following Monday (June 24, 2024) via the BLits Twitter!

Please note – As mentioned above, the giveaway winner will not receive the Aiden statue until it has finished production. They will receive a copy of Camp Buddy: Scoutmaster Season after the winning announcement.

Closing Word

That’s all for now, buddies, but we hope everyone is excited for this brand-new and exciting Aiden Figure and continued collaboration with Gentleman Studio! Make sure and grab your order while you can, as these figures are in limited quantity, and in the meantime, we’ll be back with our usual Jock Studio Development Update at the end of June, so we’ll see you then!

Thank you for your support!

Lots of love,

~BLits Games

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