Body Pillow Case – Aiden Flynn

USD $69.99

Pre-order a physical copy of the Camp Buddy Body Pillow Case, featuring Aiden Flynn. This body pillowcase comes in six different variations, which can be selected from the dropdown menu below.

Please note that this is a physical product and will be shipped to the shipping address you enter on our payment gateway.

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Due to the global pandemic, please expect at least a month to manufacture and ship to your address depending on the country.

High-quality body pillowcase featuring Aiden Flynn from Camp Buddy.

Available Variants:

  • Aiden Flynn - Standard Variant
  • Aiden Flynn - Apron Variant
  • Aiden Flynn - Underwear Variant
  • Aiden Flynn - Swim Variant
  • Aiden Flynn - Holiday Variant
  • Aiden Flynn - Naked  (Uncensored & Erect) Variant

Does not include inner pillow. Please check out optional inner pillows by clicking on this link.

Product Dimensions:
• Weight: 0.5 kg / 1.1 lbs
• Dimensions: 160 x 50 cm / 5'2" x 1'7"

This product is a PRE-ORDER. Upon manufacturing, it will be shipped to the shipping address you enter on our payment gateway. Please see our infographic below or visit our FAQ for complete information:

Additional information


0.5 kg / 1.1 lbs


160 x 50 cm / 5'2" x 1'7"

Product Materials

Pillowcase is made of 2-Way Tricot, which is generally considered the best type of material for body pillow cases. It is an elastic, soft and antiwrinkle material, with high printing, precision, soft and smooth feel, and no obvious reflection.

Refund Policies

Refunds are only available before the order has been sent to the manufacturer. This means your request will need to be submitted before the incoming 1st or 15th of the month, depending on when you placed your pre-order.

Example- If you placed your order on the 3rd, you will need to submit your refund request before the 15th of the same month in order to be eligible for a refund.

Return Policy

Returns are accepted only in the case of an unopened product. Once the product has been opened, returns will not be accepted unless in the case of printing/manufacturing error. The customer shall pay the shipping cost of returning the product to our warehouse.

Washing & Care Tips

We recommend the following care and washing tips:

For hand-washing (best recommended):
1. Gently remove the cover from the pillow.
2. Find a cleaner container, such as a basin or a bathtub and fill with cold water. (Avoid using warm or hot water as it might cause the colors to fade)
3. Add a gentle bleach-free detergent to the water and mix with the cold water. NEVER use any corrosive liquids (i.e. vinegar, bleach). Take caution using anything scented (detergent, fabric softener)
4. Immerse the pillow cover into the soapy water. In case of any stains, you may gently scrub them out by hand or with a soft, clean toothbrush.
5. After stains are removed, you may let the pillow cover fully soak for at least half an hour.
6. Remove the pillow cover from the soak and replace the water with cold, clean water to rinse until the water runs through the pillow cover when rinsing becomes clear.
7. When wringing the excess water off the pillow cover, be careful not to stretch the pillow cover too much to avoid damage on the fabric and the print.
8. Hang the cover dry, avoiding direct sunlight and any place with high humidity (i.e. bathroom). Do not use a dryer. Fold/use immediately to prevent wrinkles.

For machine-washing:
1. Turn the cover inside out to protect the colors and surface of the pillow cover.
2. Most preferably, insert the pillow cover into mesh bag for extra protection. (not necessary but recommended especially for top-loading washers) We recommend an adequately sized mesh bag to minimize the movement inside the washer.
3. Wash on normal settings around 55-70 minutes, adding extra rinse to the wash cycle to ensure it is free of detergent. NEVER use any corrosive liquids (i.e. vinegar, bleach). Take caution using anything scented (detergent, fabric softener)
4. Remove from bag and place into dryer with other soft clothing or sheets.
5. Dry for 15-20 minutes or until it feels dry on normal settings. Continue to add few minutes at a time if not yet dried. Larger loads may take up to 30 minutes. Dryer performance and actual drying time may vary.
6. Fold/use immediately to prevent wrinkles.

Additional Care Tips:
1. Body oil, dirt and smell may smear and rub easily into the pillow and its cover, thus a shower before hugging the pillow is recommended.
2. Keep the pillow away from pets to avoid damage from biting, scratches, etc.
3. It is recommended to have cut, short nails when hugging the pillow. Long nails might scratch and damage the pillow and its cover.
4. Do not expose the pillow cover under direct sunlight as it might cause colors to fade.
5. Regularly wash pillow cover. It is recommended to wash the inner pillow at least once or twice a year depending on use.

Shipping & Pricing

Please see below a summary for our physical products/shipping prices:

Product Prices

  • Body Pillow Case – 69.99 USD + Shipping
  • Inner Pillows
    • Soft – $110 USD + Shipping
    • Medium – $125 USD + Shipping
    • Firm – $135 USD + Shipping

Shipping Options for Pillow Cases

  • No-Rush Shipping (4-6 weeks after manufacturing) – 10 or 15 USD depending on country (+5 per additional pillow case)
  • Normal Shipping (up to 2 weeks after manufacturing) – 15 / 30 / 40 / 50 / 60 / 80 USD depending on country (+10 or 20 USD per additional pillow case)

Shipping for Inner Pillows

  • Normal Shipping (up to 2 weeks after order) – 30 / 50 / 75 / 100 / 120 / 150 USD per item depending on country

Product/Shipping costs may vary by country/region. Shipping may also vary if you order multiple items with similar/different shipping options.
Due to the pandemic, please also be informed that prices shown above may be subject to change.

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