Hey there, buddies! It’s been a while since our last major update, but we wanted to make sure we had tons of new and exciting information for you first, and what’s more exciting than news about our long-awaited Taiga route! Since today is Taiga’s birthday, we thought it would be perfect to give you all a taste of his route and what we’ve been working on the last few months! This update contains important information for all patrons and everyone who bought a copy of Camp Buddy, so we encourage everyone to read this post fully so they don’t miss anything!


Additional Game Features:

As many of you have seen on twitter or discord, our programmers, Corbs and Jey, have been hard at work adding new, much requested features to Camp Buddy, ensuring that the game is the best it can be as we continue our updates! The first of these new features is once again an expansion of the in-game save slots. Players will now be excited to know that we have increased the total save slots in game to 96, so you can save all your favorite scenes from each of the routes!

Next, as many people have requested, we have added in the ability for animations to be turned off in-game, in order to stop any lagging issues. You can change this in the settings menu at any time, although please note that the animations will only turn off if you are currently not in an animated scene!

Finally, another huge feature we have been requested to add is the animated scenes in the gallery! As you can see below, we have added a button to allow you to switch between animated scenes and non-animated scenes with ease, for your viewing pleasure!

There are many other minor features and bug fixes we have added in the game that we will detail in future patch notes, and we want to thank everyone for sending in their feedback so far! We take them all into account and do our best to ensure that everything is as top quality as it can be for you!


Just like with our programming features, we’re sure that many of you have seen the animation updates on twitter, as Sorashu, along with Ziel, has been working hard to continue implementing the animations of scenes that were not animated in the initial release of the game. In case you hadn’t seen the snippet, here’s a sample of what they’ve been working on!

In addition to the perfect ending sex scenes that we’ve previewed on twitter before, Sorashu and Ziel have also been working hard to make the fetish scenes animated as well, as seen below:

Finally, we would also like to announce that we have hired an additional animator, Zemyx, to work on the foreplay animations in-game as well! With Zemyx’s addition to the team, we aim to have all previously non-animated scenes, including those in Taiga’s route, animated and released with the Taiga Route DLC!


Our artists, Mikkoukun and Zael, have been working hard drafting and preparing the many new scenes in Taiga’s route, as well as updates for the minor art bugs that have been reported. We don’t want to show too much, since we don’t want to spoil Taiga’s route, but here are a few small snippets of some of the scenes in Taiga’s route:

We are also excited to announce that we have a new artist in the team, Chii, who has been helping us with various chibi scenes throughout the game! So far, Chii has completed our upgraded fundraiser scenes for the main routes, as well as began work on some of Taiga route’s artwork! We want to welcome Chii to the team as well, and show off a little of her work:

We hope that everyone will enjoy all the new art made by Chii, as well as the additional art soon to be seen in Taiga’s route!

Speaking of Chii, we’re also excited to announce that Taiga’s route will feature the appearance of some brand new cameos, created by our new team member Chii and team member Ziel! You can expect to see the full reveal of these cameos later, but for now here’s a little teaser~

Fanart Contest Winner Prizes

While we’re talking about art, we want to briefly thank all the participants in the fanart contest again, as it was truly heartwarming and overwhelming to see so many entries! Our winners have already started to receive their prizes, but we’re sure that everyone is wondering about the top 3 entries’ inclusion in a background of the game, as well as the winner’s commission! While we currently can’t show off the background or commission yet, we want to assure everyone that they aren’t forgotten, and will be released with Taiga’s route!

Taiga Route Development

We have been talking about various updates to Camp Buddy so far in this Major Update, but we have only briefly mentioned and shown snippets of Taiga route so far – so where is it? Well, we are happy to announce that Taiga Route’s storyboard has been fully completed and writing and polishing of his route is well underway!

We know that many people have been curious about what the progress has been on his route, and we are excited to announce that, as a secret route, Taiga’s route will diverge from the main Camp Buddy story that we’ve all seen so far in the other four routes. Because of this divergence, the route has been quite a challenge to write, but is well worth it in the end! We can’t say what the specifics are just yet, but we also don’t want to keep everyone waiting for forever, so we’re releasing a short public demo of Taiga’s route today with this update, so that everyone can try it for themselves!

This demo features a portion of one of Taiga Route’s in-game days and gives you all a little teaser of what’s to come in his route! We hope that everyone enjoys the demo, which can be downloaded at the link below:

PC Download

Mac Download

Closing Message:

That’s all for now buddies, but we hope that you’ve enjoyed this news on Taiga’s route, as well as the demo that we’ve worked hard to prepare for you all! We know that everyone is highly anticipating the release of Taiga’s route, but we still don’t wish to give a release date at this time, until we’re sure of exactly when it will be completed. We will be posting more news and updates soon, and we thank you all for your constant support and kind words! If you have any concerns or questions, please feel free to email us at [email protected]!

Lots of love~

BLits Team


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