Olympians, there’s now five days left in the Jock Studio Kickstarter Campaign! Not only that, but we have some amazing news to share – we’ve surpassed our last Bonus Goal, Sausage Party and achieved over 850% of our initial funding goal! Our team is totally overwhelmed and incredibly excited with all the love for this project you all have shown, and we can’t express our gratitude enough! We are more than content with where the Jock Studio Kickstarter is at the moment, and we thank you all for the continued generous support!

We have, however, received many comments and questions on our various social media platforms concerning the remaining bonus goals from our survey – due to popular request and after much internal discussion, we have decided to take these three goals and make them part of our Kickstarter Final Push!

We’ve estimated what these three goals would cost our team to develop, and while they might be out of our current project scope, with this funding we can make them happen for everyone to enjoy! With that in mind, we have come up with the following three new ‘Buzzer Beaters!’

We hope that these last goals excite everyone, and since we’re nearing the end, and we want to make sure everyone has the opportunity to pledge and support the campaign! If you haven’t yet, now is the perfect time to upgrade your pledge, or back the campaign!

Android Demo Release

Alongside these Buzzer Beaters, we’ve got some exciting news on a very commonly requested update to our demo – to help make the game more accessible for all our fans, we’ve released a brand-new Android and Linux version of the demo! If you weren’t able to access the game on PC and Mac, please take advantage of these two new platforms before the campaign ends!

⚠️Disclaimer: Both the Android and Linux Versions of the Demo are Beta Versions. There may be unexpected issues with both versions, and we apologize in advance for any errors that occur! Please report any issues found at the link below:


⚠️Important Note ⚠️ We’d also like to note that both of these versions are currently exclusive to the demo, and our team is still determining the feasibility of releasing the full game onto both platforms due to the extensive features of Jock Studio unlocked during the campaign. Should both versions be eligible for release, we will make sure and let everyone know!
We’ve also got a couple of events to participate in right now, like the Heart-Heart Event and the Cameo Giveaway Event! Check out both at the links below:

Additionally, we’ve continued our daily countdown on twitter for the campaign, with exclusive artwork! Make sure and follow the BLits Games Twitter account to see everything!

You can also catch up on all our other socials, where we’ll also be posting continuous content until the end of the campaign:

That’s all for now, Olympians! Enjoy the last five days of the campaign, there’s only a little more time left!

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