Hey there, buddies! We’re happy to announce that, thanks to all of your feedback and reports, we’re going to be releasing a Hotfix Patch for Camp Buddy this Friday (December 6th)  at 7:00 PM EST! This hotfix patch will include fixes for critical bugs such as:

  • Yoichi’s Perfect Ending Error
  • In-Game Lag
  • Save Screen Lag
  • Missing Gallery Sequences

As well as more minor fixes! We’ll release the full Patch Notes on the day of release, but until then, here are a few instructions to prepare for the release!

  • Q: How do I get the Patch?
    • A: If you have already purchased the game (or received a free game copy through the Patreon campaign), you will receive an email in the email address you listed during purchase containing a download link for the version of the game you own.
  • Q: What if I haven’t bought Camp Buddy yet?
    • A: That’s okay! All copies of Camp Buddy purchased after Patch 2.1 release will contain Patch 2.1 built into them!
  • Q: How big is the update? 
    • A: Thanks to file conversions as well as alterations to reduce lag, the game has been compressed down to 6.5 GB. We apologize for the large size during the initial update, and hope to keep file size down for any future releases.
  • Q: I didn’t receive a download link, but I own the game!
    • A: Please check your spam folder in your email, as sometimes mail from us will be automatically filtered there. If you still do not receive the update, send us an email at [email protected] and we’ll help you out! **Please note that we need a purchase receipt or Patreon ID as proof – a product ID is not a valid proof of purchase!**
  • Q: What else has been updated/added to the game?
    • A: We’ll release full Patch Notes along with the update on release day!

We hope this helps to prepare everyone for our update, and thank you again for all of your support and love, buddies!

Lots of love,

~BLits Team

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