Hey, buddies! As promised, we’re back with the results of the Camp Buddy Four Seasons Art Contest! After lots of deliberation and discussion, our team has managed to pick the winners and you can see the results right now! Check them out on the page below along with full details:


Thank you to everyone who participated, and for all of the wonderful entries we got! We were excited to see the new entries every day – so excited, in fact, that we decided to create a permanent fanart page for our fans to upload any fanart they make! Like we mentioned at the beginning of the month, we’re unveiling a new Fanart Submissions page where any of our creatively-minded buddies can upload their fanart year-round! This page isn’t for a contest, but just to show off your works on our website! If you also have drawn any Camp Buddy / BLits Character Fanarts in the past, feel free to submit them to us too for everyone to see! Check it out, buddies:


Note: By submitting your fan art, you agree that BLits may use intended art to be published under its website / or featured in its other platforms or use as promotional materials, BLits may unpublish art from our website / any BLits platforms, and that I have read the Fanart Submission FAQ.

That concludes our final event for our Blits 4th Anniversary Celebration Month! Thank you all so much for all your love and kindness throughout these four years, and we look forward to bringing you all more awesome and exciting new in the near future! We’ll see everyone again in November 2020 for more updates, including some news about the Scoutmaster Routes that everyone is anticipating!

~Lots of love,

BLits Games

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