Hey buddies! We’re back with exciting news – Camp Buddy Version 1.2 has finally released for PC, Mac and Android! That’s right, the update you’ve all been waiting for has finally been completed, and distributed out to all eligible Patrons and those who purchased the game! Please check your emails if you already own a copy of the game, as you should have a new download link available there!

In addition, anyone who purchases the game from our site after this point will receive the most up-to-date version, as the PC & Mac Version on BMT Micro have been updated to 1.2 as well. There is also now the option to purchase the game for Android!

You can purchase the game on our website: https://www.blitsgames.com/


While downloading, please check out our Patch notes below, to see what all has changed:

1.2 Patch Notes

  • Android Version Released!
  • Reimplemented a new form of animation for better quality but lower file size
  • Added Costume SX animations
  • Added missing assets to swimsuit contest
  • Journal Minigame now skippable
  • Last set in Keitaro gallery is now unlockable
  • Fixed issue with cut off in foreplay minigame
  • Added hover effects to gallery
  • Fixed minor gallery issues with text and images displaying improperly
  • Adding sound to all interface buttons
  • Added “Greatest Memories” to music player, fixed music player interface
  • Updated fade in ending sequence
  • Various interface fixes/improvements (settings, gallery, music player)
  • Updated save/load screens with naming, deletion, and more slots
  • Added “about page” with character info
  • Added Patron’s Choice Rewards to Secret Crack
  • Added Background for Hiro’s Bathroom
  • Fixed clothing issue in Taiga resolution scene
  • Added various accessories to characters in appropriate situations (Keitaro’s Camera, Seto’s Headphones)
  • Fixed Camp Buddy Icon on Android, PC & Mac Builds
  • Updated a few simple art mistakes
  • Various bug fixes and grammar corrections

We hope that everyone enjoys this new version of Camp Buddy with all of our updates, and we thank everyone for their patience while we worked on it’s release! To celebrate the release of version 1.2 as well, we have decided to release the final Patron’s Choice reward, featuring Aiden Flynn and Yoichi Yukimura along with version 1.2! You can get the link for it here on Patreon or on Mikkoukun’s Twitter, as well as find it hidden in game! We hope everyone enjoys the last of these three free rewards!

While 1.2 was being developed, we have also continued our work on Taiga’s route, as well as other fun & exciting things for Camp Buddy, so please stay tuned for more info! Thanks again, buddies!

P.S: As we stated in our Website Launch post, we will not be posting Camp Buddy & BLits related news to Patreon anymore, starting in April. Please be sure to subscribe to the mailing list on the BLits website, or follow the official BLits Twitter, in order to receive more news about Camp Buddy & Blits Both the new site and twitter are linked below!

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