Hey there, buddies! We’re back with exciting news – our new website, which we’ve previewed in our previous Major Update has launched! Check it out at the link below!


Our programmer and BLits team member, Corbs, has been working super hard to make an awesome new website for us, which includes all of the features below:

New Product Page for Camp Buddy featuring images previews and more
A site news page for updates from BLits and Camp Buddy
Character Info for all BLits Characters from Camp Buddy and beyond
Information about all of the BLits Team members
A mail list subscribing option to never lose any updates!
In addition to these features, we will also have a new way to download the game for updates, as well as a new twitter page exclusively for BLits and Camp Buddy updates! Be sure to follow this twitter, linked below, as well as to subscribe to the mailing list for more news!

We also want to inform all Patrons that from now on, with the release of this site, all Camp Buddy and BLits information will be published on the website, and not the Patreon page. The Patreon page will be used exclusively for rewards and polls from here on out, so please be sure to subscribe to the mailing list to stay up to date with all news not related to Patreon!

Please click the link circled below at the bottom of the new website’s page to subscribe to the mailing list!

Want to stay updated with everything BLits? Subscribe to our mailing list. We promise we won’t spam you.