Hey, buddies! We’re back with another minor announcement, this time featuring some of the older Patreon reward sets, from June 2017 to June 2018. These reward sets have been previously available only in the Deluxe ($60 USD) Tier on Patreon, but with the launching of our website and the release of Camp Buddy, we have decided to remove these sets from the Deluxe tier, and instead offer them for sale at a marked down price here on our website, linked below!


You can now find all of the following sets for sale here, available now, with a reduced price from before! The following image sets will no longer be included or available in the Deluxe tier, so please be sure to update your pledges accordingly!

  • June 2017 Rewards (Felix, Seto, Yoshinori)
  • July 2017 Rewards (Natsumi, Lee, Hunter)
  • August 2017 Rewards (Hiro, Yoichi, Aiden)
  • September 2017 Rewards (Yoichi x Hiro, Aiden, Taiga)
  • October 2017 Rewards (Yoichi x Hiro x Natsumi, Hunter, Keitaro)
  • November 2017 Rewards (Eduard, Seto, Taiga)
  • December 2017 Rewards (Aiden, Connor, Felix + Natsumi x Hiro x Yoichi)
  • January 2018 Rewards (Hunter + Natsumi x Yoshinori +  Natsumi x Hiro x Yoichi)
  • February 2018 Rewards (Taiga x Mob + Natsumi x Yoichi + Connor x Jirou)
  • March 2018 Rewards (Goro + Seto x Hiro + Seto x Keitaro)
  • April 2018 Rewards (Jirou x Connor + Hunter x Felix + Felix x Seto)
  • May 2018 Rewards (Eduard x Lee + Aiden x Natsumi + Aiden x Yoichi)
  • June 2018 Rewards (Avan, Connor x Jirou, Jirou x Connor)

In addition to this new offer, we are also currently offering a sale on these products, letting anyone purchase them for an extra $5 USD off, so get them while you can, buddies!

The newer sets, from July 2018 to present, will remain exclusive to the Deluxe Tier for now. Please make sure and update your pledges accordingly if you are a Patron!

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