Hey, buddies! We’re back with a quick update regarding our webstore – we’ve added some new Patreon Collection image sets! These sets, ranging from August 2020 through February 2021 were previously only available on the Deluxe ($40 USD) Tier on Mikkoukun’s Patreon, are here for purchase at the link below:


The following image sets will no long be included as Deluxe-tier exclusive, but instead as Patreon Collections:

  • August 2020 Rewards (Yoshinori x Aiden, Aiden x Yoshinori
  • September 2020 Rewards (Hiro Akiba, Hunter Springfield)
  • October 2020 Rewards (Taiga Akatora, Kieran Moreno)
  • November 2020 Rewards (Rex, Orlando Knight, Lief Tealwood)
  • December 2020 Rewards (Keitaro Nagame, Felix Clermont)
  • January 2021 Rewards (Yoichi Yukimura, Natsumi Hamasaki)
  • February 2021 Rewards (Aiden Flynn, Goro Nomoru)

If you’re a Patron, don’t worry, you can still receive these sets as part of our temporary bonus rewards! Check out the post below for more information:


That’s all for now, buddies! Stay tuned for an update on Camp Buddy Version 2.3 very soon, as well as an Anniversary Celebration next month!

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