Hello, buddies! As promised last month, our “Fire” Cameo is here for the January 2019 rewards! Haruki Sakurai will be featured alongside two other sets, voted for by you in our current poll, in this month’s reward!


A little info about Haruki: He is a character designed by our team’s animator, Sorashu! Haruki is a charming individual with many hidden traits that we’ll reveal slowly as he appears over Patreon rewards!

Just like all the previous cameos, Haruki will be featured breifly in the Taiga DLC Route as a cameo, but will also be a playable character in one of our future games. So for now, please give Haruki a warm welcome to Camp Buddy!


Stay tuned for a reward preview featuring Haruki a little later this month, as well as a few other surprises we have planned! Thank you all for your support!

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