Hey there, buddies! It’s been more than a month since Camp Buddy came out, and to closeout the Holiday season & usher in the new year, we wanted to tell everyone about some exciting things coming from us at BLits! The following Holiday update contains important information for all patrons and owners of Camp Buddy, so we encourage everyone to read the post fully so they don’t miss anything!



Since release, our team has been working hard to smash out all the nasty bugs, consistency issues and other minor problems that we have found through both our own testing and the very helpful emails, screenshots, discord messages, and tweets we’ve received from all of you! But we didn’t want to make Patch 1.2 just boring fixes, so we decided to add in some cool new features as well!

New and Improved Save/Load Screen

First up is the new Save/Load screen! As you can see, we’ve now included 20 new save slots for you all to use, so there’s no stress about losing any of your favorite scenes! We’ve also added in a color-coded system for each save slot to show which route the save is on. The colors match with their respective characters, so it’s easy to see where you’re at! In addition, you’ll also find that the save slots can now both be named and deleted!

Character Profiles

Next, we’ve replaced the Help button that did nothing in the previous version of the game with a new, updated “About Menu,” as you can see below. The About Menu will show you a character profile for each of the different Campers and Scoutmasters, with all kinds of info ranging from age to weight and even what the characters like and dislike! This is a great place to learn more about the characters!

Skip Function in Minigames

In addition to these new menus, we’ve also added a few new features to the game as well. The Journal Minigame can now be skipped, and the Foreplay Minigame can also be skipped after an initial playthrough.

Animation Quality will be Improved

We’ve also switched the animations to a newer, better solution than both the tga files and the webm files – the new format is smaller in size than tga, but much higher quality than webm! We know that this new form of animation will work much better than both of the previous, so we’re excited for you all to see the scenes again in a newer, better light!

Overall Art, Sound and Text Quality will be Improved

Most importantly, there have been flaws in terms of art, sprite cues, sound and voice volumes, mismatching voice emotions/cues, typographical errors, story inconsistencies and more. We’re glad to let all of you know, that thanks to all the players help and bug reports, we have been able to address a great amount of these inconsistencies, and we will further test internally and to find any errors/bugs of this nature, as well as take in all of your feedback and include the fixes in the incoming patch!

Patch v1.2 Release Schedule

As much as we want to, we cannot declare a final release schedule for Patch v1.2, but we’re targeting it be released early next year 2019,after we’ve had more time to finalize the changes and get some rest for the holidays. Stay tuned on Patreon for more updates and announcements, as well as full patch notes when we release it!



We know that many of you have been wondering where the Android version of the game is, and we wanted to apologize for its delay upon release. Unfortunately, we discovered too late in the development process that the Android builds of the game on Ren’py cannot exceed 2GB in size, so our programmers, Corbs and Jey, have been working hard to make sure that we can reduce the size of the game without losing out on quality for everyone.

We are happy to report that we have succeeded in making some preliminary Android builds, and have begun testing to make sure that all of the features you all have come to enjoy in the PC and MAC versions of Camp Buddy still function the same on Android devices.

Our current plan is to release the Android build of the game at the same time as version v1.2, but we want to emphasize that this will depend heavily on how testing goes and what changes need to be made. We thank everyone for their patience as we continue to work through this!



Many of you have also been asking about the Taiga Route DLC, and what our plans are for it. Currently, we are expecting to continue working on the Taiga route as soon as we complete and release Patch v1.2. We estimate that it will be released sometime in 2019. We will not announce a release date for it until we are certain that it will be ready, as we want to make sure that his story will match the quality and effort that we put into the other main four routes of the game. Stay tuned for more news about Taiga’s route as it continues to be developed!


December 2018 Poll – More Character Cameos!

Last year, we ushered in the new year with our very first character cameo, Connor Bluefin! Since then, we’ve seen the addition of Jirou, Avan, and Knox, all representing members of the development team’s Original Characters. Since the development team has expanded since then, we wanted to give our other members a chance to have their own OC’s appear in the game, featured somewhere in Taiga’s route! Our poll this month will be similar to Avan & Knox’s entry, where we will let you choose between two mystery boys! They’re both super fun and sexy additions to the Camp Buddy roster, and we can’t wait for you to meet them! Choose wisely~

This poll is for Patrons only:

Teasing Corbs and Sorashu’s OCs. Winner will be featured as a solo reward alongside two mystery pairings!

Note:  The mystery pairings do not depend on the team you vote for, all mystery pairings are included in next month’s rewards, only the featured cameos depend on the poll.


About Patron’s Choice Rewards and Holiday Break

Earlier this month, we announced that we were working on the Patron’s Choice rewards from the original Camp Buddy campaign. We have been behind on these due to being occupied working with Patch v1.2 as well as a lot of internal matters to stabilize the team, and most essentially, the holiday season.

We cannot promise to release these free rewards within 2018 due to the current schedule, but it is in our foremost priority before releasing anything else. We ask for everyone’s understanding as the development team and art department will take a break for the holiday season.


Closing Message

Thank you all for reading this message, and we hope that we’ve answered a lot of your questions, but if not, please feel free to message us on Patreon or email us at the address below:


We hope that everyone has a Happy Holiday season and thank you all again for your support! Stay tuned for more updates & announcements here and on twitter!

Lots of love,

BLits Team

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