Hey there buddies and Happy Holidays! In this season of giving, we wanted to give each of you a special thank you present: a special festive version of a set you may have seen earlier on Twitter!

In the past month and a half since Camp Buddy’s release, we’ve seen tons of support and love from you, our fans, and want you all to know how much we love and care about each of you! In just this short timeframe, we have:

  • Reached over 15,000 followers on Mikkoukun’s Twitter Account
  • Reached over 5,000 followers on Jey’s Twitter Account
  • Reach over 2,500 YouTube Channel Subscriptions
  • Received over 160,000 views on Camp Buddy’s Opening Theme!!

We’re so excited to continue growing and sharing more content with you, and to start off that content we’ve prepared an extra special Connor x Jirou CG for you all, with multiple sequences, free for all of our fans! We hope everyone enjoys these bouncy boys celebrating the Holidays, and hope that everyone has a very happy holiday season! Please click the dropbox link below for the free download!



Also, if you are looking to stay updated with everything Camp Buddy and BLits, check out our social media!

Mikkoukun’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/mikkoukun

Jey’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/jey9262

Zael’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/zaelblue

Sorashu’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/Sorashushi

Corb’s Twitter – https://twitter.com/blitscorbs

BLits Youtube Channel – https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUl_-PBgrZo-LMtKQavxNrA

Also, if you haven’t played it yet, please check out our site, where you can purchase and play Camp Buddy right now!


Lots of love,

-BLits Staff

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