Attention, buddies!

BLits Team is proud to finally announce that Camp Buddy is finally released and is now available for purchase on our official website linked below!

We thank you all so much for your support, patience, and love throughout the game’s development.  It has been a very long wait for you, and has been a crazy roller coaster ride for the development team as we debut with our first project. We hope you enjoy all that Camp Buddy has to offer!

BLits Team would also like to inform everyone that this will be the Initial Release Version of Camp Buddy, and will be patched and updated in the future as changes from testing and feedback  are finalized in-game. A major update discussing all the features, and what’s to come for the project will be posted soon within today!

For any other concerns you guys would like to inform the BLits Team of, please don’t hesitate to email us at

Our customers’ feedback will take the highest priority throughout the game’s release.

Now, without further delay, we’d like to officially welcome all our new campers to make the greatest memories here at Camp Buddy!

Wishing you all the greatest memories!
– BLits Team



  • Android Version will be available on a future update.
  • For patrons who are qualified for the free game copy, please check your email (the one you used to register for Patreon) respectively to get special instructions to download the game!
  • For patrons entitle to physical copy and merchandise, please stay tuned for our incoming major update for more details!
  • For those who have pre-purchased the game before release date, we will contact you via email to send you your game copy.
  • Please do not share/reupload your purchased copy as it is protected by copyright and could result to a permanent ban/block for the game’s incoming updates and future projects.



    – We’d like to inform everyone buying from our official website NOT to use VPN’s or download managers as that will cause passwords to expire and be blocked. If your passwords have been blocked, please email with your proof or purchase to have it unblocked.

    – For qualified patrons who received e-mails for links to the game, but were not able to download the game on our Dropbox or Google Drive due to heavy traffic, please note that we have sent more links to gain access to a copy of our game!

    Please Note: If a qualified patron has not received a copy of the game due to a shift in e-mail address since August 2018, please e-mail us your current address as well as your valid Patreon ID for your download links! Thank you!


    Verifying macOS installation:

    – We have also noticed that a few of our MAC players have had issues verifying the game into macOS, but we have provided instructions on resolve this problem as well below:

  1. On your system doc, find the gear icon named “Settings”
  2. In the search bar on the upper right-hand corner, type Security and Privacy, you should see the following window appear.
  3. Under general, look for “Allow Apps downloaded from:” and make sure Anywhere is checked.
  4. Once done, try to run the game again.

    Extracting the file:

    – We’ve also noticed that some users have reported not being to open their files once downloaded, so we’ve attached a couple GIFs for you guys on how to do just that in order to gain access to our game. Thank you!

We ask for everyone’s patience to give us enough time to send the game copies to everyone!

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